Saturday, January 13, 2007

thoughts of you

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My mind is wandering with thoughts of you
You are present even though you are absent
Everywhere I go I walk with you
You have become a part of my world

Even if I try I cannot escape it
The thoughts of you are always there
They begin to consume me like a raging fire
Out of control causing my heart to melt

Inner emotions I cannot explain
Begin to explode from within
Molding and reshaping each single thought
Into dewdrops within my mind

Quenching the thirst , I drink like a sponge
Savoring the long overdue rains

How can I suddenly feel so alive
Yet be dying at the same time

Copyright ©2002-2007 Melinda A. Napoletano

1 comment:

kinnigurl said...

Great poem Melinda! Strikes a chord for me as well.