Saturday, March 21, 2009

61 things on my cat.......

Found this on You Tube.......

This is a song that I wrote for my cats called "Kitty Song," along with video of 61 things being stacked on top of my cat Toby while he slept.

Karen did the stacking. She's very talented.

No Tobies were harmed in the making of this video. Please don't yell at me, and please don't be mean to your cats.

** sweet! this video was posted on one of my favorite cat blogs:

Modern Cat

Little kitten feeling lonely
come and sit upon my lap
and I'll pet you run my fingers
through your fur as you cat nap

I'll feed you bits of tuna
and we'll stare at my tv.
I'll sing for you this song about
how much you mean to me.
It goes

Kitty come kitty play
Kitty love kitty stay
Kitty jump to me
Kitty land on your feet

When I get a little angry
or I'm feeling like a jerk
I can scratch you on the chin
and feel the rhythm of your purr

There's nothing that can phase me
when we're playing with a string
so I wrote for you this melody
though you hate it when I sing
it goes


p.s. Toby totally deserved it.

you can check it out further here:


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


the weather has been very much like spring already. We have been able to open our windows and smell people grilling on their grills outside. So very nice to smell that!

I cannot believe ABC ended yet another really good show, Kyle XY.

Kyle XY was a really good even wholesome FAMILY sci-fi show.....and it has been taken off the air. The last episode was Monday......and that did not really end in the way we all probably wanted. It left many things hanging open so I am hoping another network picks it up or something. BUT I bet that is doubtful. I like a lot of the quirkier TV shows and they have now removed them all.....well....Ugly Betty is still on and I do enjoy that show. BUT for example, Joan of Arcadia, Wonderfalls, Everwood, Northern Exposure, now all gone. I don't understand the logic on this one. As far as I have read the ratings were still very very good....and there were followers.....and instead of continuing on with a sure bet and one that is DESIRED by an existing audience already.....they decide to cancel it and instead start up 3 new pilot shows....comedy crap......and renew more angst teenage drama. Did anyone ask us what we might like to see out here? NO...they just toss out crap and see what happens...then for some idiotic reason when we really LIKE a show.......they end up canceling bring in more crap to push to try to make a success. ABC family is all being geared to teenage drama now in case you wanted to know. They are trying to appeal to the teenage girl masses.


And Natasha Richardson.....who is married to Liam Neeson....fell during a skiing lesson....and later reported a bad headache. Now she is in critical condition in a hospital suffering from a brain injury. It does not sound very good...but I will say a prayer for her and her family. I always liked both her and her husband in different characters they have portrayed in acting. I especially liked Natasha in the remake of Parent Trap and Liam in his role in Schindler's List. One rumor has it she is brain dead...another says critical condition with brain swelling. Regardless...the 45-year-old actress could use some prayers. She was taking beginner's skiing lessons and fell, at first saying she was fine but later reporting a bad headache. Just another reminder how things can change at the snap of your fingers and we all need to appreciate those we love and enjoy our life to the fullest now!