Sunday, September 14, 2003

Another beautiful day. SO nice..not too hot or anything like that. In fact it is very cool outside. Was only in the 30s last night and now only around 63 degrees. Nice breeze. Can have your windows and doors open and let fresh air in.

Been doing a lot. Figured I needed to get off my butt and get into GEAR. I mean is anyone ever totally living today as if it might be their last day on Earth? I mean...are we ever totally caught up on everything and "have our house in order" so if something happened to us we would feel like we had accomplished everything we needed to? I guess we never really have everything accomplished to some degree because if we did...then what would most people do with themselves? I guess I am referring more to having your personal affairs in order or your "HOUSE IN ORDER" so to speak.

Anyway..I have accomplished a lot since Friday. Truly a miracle. I have found if I MAKE myself get moving and start a project...soon I am so into it I don't want to stop so I keep going and going and it gets done. I have my house I am ready to begin sorting things out for donation to charity.....or selling it or whatever......usually I give things to charity. I want to reorganize my closets....and decorate for fall..etc. So...I will start all that next week I guess as I at least got the cleaning done. I do have to finish dusting the bookshelves in the dining area and clean the counter top off. BUT everything else is done. SO..I am now about ready to move to the larger projects....which is going through things and sorting and finding better ways to store some things we do use but not every day.

THEN it will be time to paint some rooms in the house before winter. WILL BE NICE to make some small improvements if we can.

WHEN did MAN decide it was up to ALL women to FIX THEM FOOD all the time? Brother...I thought a partnership in a so-called marriage was to be split pretty fairly. SO far...I have never seen that happen. The woman seems to end up doing everything pretty much all thetime but taking out the trash on a regular basis (as she even does that from time to time ) and sometimes yard work or car work. She pretty much in most cases I know of does everything else ALL the time. I don't think we get too many breaks if any....unless we are practically dying or something. EVEN when we are sick it has to be really bad before we would get a break. AND THEN what kind of break is that? I mean how much do you have to do for someone who is puking and pooping at the same time and just wants to sleep in between? Not like you fix them meals or things like that. So anyway.....I have found this to be true time and time again. The woman gives everyone everything all the time....but always needs recharging herself and rarely gets it. I guess it is up to us to find ways to incorporate that into our already busy lives too!!

No wonder most women end up resenting most men. All give give give and take take take..not much in return. I would hate to list my daily schedule here compared to Keith's. No one would believe it.

ENOUGH...enough complaining. Off to enjoy the day!! My little Noah is waiting on me to play with him. He is such a sweetie pie and is so thoughtful and considerate of everyone around him most times.. I HOPE he continues to be that way as an ADULT.

OKAY..more later