Saturday, January 03, 2009

Half Ton Teen, Half Ton Dad, Half Ton Mom.......

anyone else watched those shows on cable yet? My oh my. I have to say it certainly makes one think more than twice about shoving something into your mouth ever again that is not appropriate or good or healthy for you. The half ton dad was so large...when they decided to get him help they had to tear out an entire wall to just get him out from his own home. Aides and nurses in the hospital had to work together to lift all his fatty tumors and lumps up to wash him every day. He basically sat around with only a big sheet over him and something draped across his private area. The half ton teen reportedly would consume 30,000 calories per DAY! Since these people could not really get around anymore on their own (except for the teen).....that meant others (enablers) had to bring them food. That would be a lot of food and wrong foods to be taking in to someone else to eat.

The shows are sad and sometimes hopeful and inspires you to face your own reality.....

because without doing that.....nothing can ever be changed in your life.

What percentage of a ton are you? That can be eye opening and make you want to change huh?

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!

I went to Arby's to get a Reuben sandwich to make sure to get my official serving of "
corned beef and sauerkraut" in for the New Year's Eve...and I have to say it was delicious and is already gone!

I am staying home. Been catnapping this afternoon and will some hopefully I can make it till midnight to see the BALL FALL in New York and the New Year ring in.

Happy New Year everyone!

if you would like to check out some recipes and wonderful photos of baked goods....check this site out!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well I finally saw the movie Twilight online today....

It was pretty good but I am not sure I would have wanted to spend big money at the theater to see it. I did enjoy it though...and will be anxious to see the next one due out when it comes out. BUT I am hardly as anxious as my sister Melissa is! She has it bad for Edward! hee hee

I tried to watch Seven Pounds but I could not get into it. I found myself skimming and bored. ALL I remember is a sad looking Will Smith walking around from IRS trying to determine if all these people were good or bad and deserved a break from IRS or not.....I know there is a deeper hidden meaning I did not take time to discover by watching the entire movie. MAYBE another time I can try it.

I also started Benjamin Buttons movie but will have to do that another night. I get antsy with myself about sitting to watch a movie and it really has to hold my interest and I have to be ready to SIT for awhile.....and today after seeing one movie I did not have it in me to sit through another one. It looks like a really good movie though and I will go back and finish it!

I cannot believe it is the end of the year already. Where the crap did it go? It seems like only yesterday it was January 2008! Now it will be January 2009!

I am in a mood tonight...not good. I do not like to be in this mood......

I just made some chocolate chip cookies for Noah and a new batch of party mix for him.

I need to brush my teeth. exciting I know.....I am thankful to be alive....and healthy and strong.....and for all the blessings I do have.