Tuesday, March 11, 2003

GOD is so good. What a gorgeous beautiful day outside today. Makes you all antsy for spring. About 70 degrees. Keith and I ran over to Home Depot this morning to get a gas grill...almost have it put together...may have to test it out tomorrow. Supposed to be even warmer. Nice breeze...well...it is actually pretty windy today. BUT nice....sunny....very warm. All my windows and doors are open.

Stopped at the mall today after we picked Noah up from school and took him to the library. Ran around there nd then had lunch at Chick-Fil-A. It was good. I stopped in at Carlton Cards. GREAT buys in there. Got some Village Candles on sale...50% off!! WOW...so I picked up a giant 38 once Gingerbread one and 16 ounce peanut butter cookie one. THEY SMELL SOOOOOO GOOD! I LOVE these candles I think the best...they also had Old Virginia Candles on sale 50% off. LOVE those too....I just ordered a triple scented one the other day.. called Grandma's Kitchen. Has banana nut bread on top...and then boysenberry and blackberry cobbler as other layers. I think that is right. Anyway....it smells so good. JUST like baking in your own kitchen. YUMMY! I may have to go back and get that other peanut butter candle next if this smells as good as it does unlit. SMELLS JUST LIKE COOKIES that is for sure.

Anyway..spent money I was not planning on today but am happy. Picked up some more things to put in Brittney's box. Sending her a package overseas. Hope she enjoys all the stuff I have accumulated.

Well..Noah wants to play trucks and cars. I am off for now. Will talk more later.

oh and it is so windy out here. Sounds like the roof is going to blow off. Yesterday our damper to the fireplace blew open by the wind and now I cannot shut it tight..it keeps falling open. Not sure if WE are responsible for fixing that or the home office people.

ALSO....Keith noticed a tiny dab of moisture inside one of the skylights the other day. He wonders if there is a gap around the side. I told him with all the winds we have been having who knows. There could be. I have never noticed any condensation on the inside before...this was a tiny amount but still. Maybe it just needs to be tightned or something....and maybe air is getting in underneath it part way. We have never had any leaks or anything. BUT......something else to keep an eye on.

We checked out toilets and lights and all kinds of things at Home Depot yesterday. Noah LOVES Home Depot and places like that and looking at all the stuff there. He really does. He did not want to leave. So...we spent a little time there checking things out. Keith was also pricing some inside doors as we need to replace a few. Whoever lived here in the past had an animal of some kind who scratched the doors all up. The bedroom doors anyway. They look pretty scratched...so he wants to replace them. We don't really have any tools or stuff to work on things like that so I am not sure what he might do. I think he wonders if he can do it himself without the right tools...and he may pay extra to have them installed. BUT..HOME DEPOT can really rack up the money for doing that. SO...we will see. No rush....
Keith picked up a portable Bissell steam cleaner yesterday that was a great price. SO..I ended up testing it out and cleaning the carpets. You should have seen all the crap and crud and black water I poured out of the machine! YUCK!! BUT....man...this is one of the best investments we have ever made. The carpets look so much better it is not even funny!! SO NICE and clean. I was worried about using any carpet cleaners on the floor except like CHEM DRY because of kids sometimes getting sick after carpets are cleaned....and that disease......so I still hope and pray nothing happens to Noah. BUT...we needed to do something...this was an allergen type formula I used to...so hopefully more safe and less toxic and with less chemicals..etc. I did not want Noah on the carpet while it was wet either unless he had shoes on...yeah right. Well...that plan did not work too well. I thought his feet looked a little red when we headed to bed last night. I will check them again today. Now my bare feet felt a little funny too although they were not really red. So maybe it will just be a small local type reaction and then fade away. The carpets did not take long to dry. AND I brought in floor fans to help with that. BUT...I told Keith if you clean them well and then clean them every so often to KEEP them clean...the carpet sure looks better and will last longer probably. It was looking pretty dirty.

Today we are probably going to go back to Home Depot and pick up this small round gas grill we saw and liked. Probably after we take Noah to preschool we will head over there and pick that up. Comes in a HUGE box but we don't have far to go home from Home Depot..it is right down the street around the corner. I told Keith we could either stick the box in the trunk and tie the trunk down for that short trip OR...take the stuff out of the trunk and fold up the box and bring it home that way. Will be nice to be able to cook out on the balcony. I washed the door glass yesterday and pulled the fridge away from the wall and MAN all the crap back there. It had been blowing all these dust bunnies everywhere so I swept it all out really good from below. I think it will be fine now. I had never done that and the way it looked I don't think ANYONE ever had done that before. I then cleaned the floor and mopped and waxed it. Cleaned all the cupboards off really well too.....wiped everything down. Needless to say....I should have taken some Tylenol last night..because today I can barely move!! Normally I know this is how I will feel the next day so I take Tylenol in advance. I did not. Just did though now so hopefully my aches and pains will feel better soon.

Had planned on getting back up to finish watching Planet of the Apes. Never did that either. I may just have Keith tell me how it ends. I think it is due back today. Maybe it isn't. If not I can keep it and watch it. I will check in a minute on line and see when it is due.

Some bratty kids were messing with things around here again early in the evening yesterday. They pulled the globe off the light outside and took the light bulb over at the building beside us. I saw the kid come over and try to take our globe off our light below our building but he couldn't budge it. Good thing as I was standing there and would have taken his picture and then yelled to him. They ran off throwing rocks at this other light that is out now too. Then I saw him later on the roof of the covered garage down the parking lot a ways from us. ON THE ROOF running around and throwing things down. SO I called our management office and told them about it. They will have to send someone out to fix and check the lights AGAIN. This looked like the same kid who used to hang around with that other kid who used to live here who was such a problem.

Anyway..getting a very late start at working. I woke up at 12:30 a.m. and was going to start working then but didn't. I came out here and went back to sleep. I HAVE to STOP doing that. SO...just getting started now and need to get back to it. Will have to work some today in the day I guess and I also have a ton of paperwork to sort through and bills to pay.

SO...that is the latest with me.


Sunday, March 09, 2003

Well..fighting a sinus headache or early migraine. Not sure which....I guess I will take something and see if it improves. Have some oney Baked ham slices in the oven....and some homemade buttermilk biscuits Will whip up some eggs and hashbrowns in a bit. Sounds good. Coffee is already brewed!! All smells so good. I am getting to where I like Honey Baked ham and turkey better than any other kinds. Not sure if this is a "good thing" as Martha says or not as they are much more expensive than the other kinds. Of course Grandma Custer makes the best ham sandwiches in the entire world and at least I have learned to do ham like that now in the oven. BUT...Honey Baked is pretty good too for eating any time.

Anyway....Noah just ate 2 pancakes..he was really hungry this morning. We brushed his teeth and hair. I will desperately need to take a shower in a bit.

Found a great buy on Enesco's Peter Cottontail figurines on ebay from a guy out here in Denver. SO...I had to get the set even when all along I said I probably never would. It is cute though and the figures look just like from the video movie.

Birds are chirping outside and the squirrels are coming up to eat along with the birds. ALL are hungry I guess today.

Off for now...more later.

ME again
Another day! Warming up here. Was near 70 degrees F on Friday!! SO nice....very much like spring. Noah is my sweetie pie. He is so sweet. He now goes around singing "My God Is An Awesome God" all the time. He loves that song. When he is especially happy he will start singing it out of the blue for no reason. The last few nights as the sun sets..he sits and looks out his window and the beautiful clouds and sings it up to the sky. I finally asked him if he sun setting and the clouds and all reminded him of God or Heaven and he said "oh yes!" all excitedly. Then he went back to singing some more. He seems to have this connection between him and God that just comes natural. We still do not have a home church but we enjoy praising God and listening to worship music a lot. Noah seems to "connect" to many o these songs. AWESOME GOD is one of them. He now is really enjoying and wanting to listen to it over and over "I Am Crucified In Christ". I kind of found that an odd song for him to "relate" to but he does. Then again nothing really surprises me with Noah. He is far beyond his years in many ways and yet still does not talk much. This "natural connection" between him and God fascinates me. I think children can still see things and know things we have since forgotten.I think we all have that ability when first born....and I think we could remember things "OF GOD" and still "see" things as children. I know Noah seems to have this ability anyway. I think we all did but then slowly lose it over time as we get older and our innocence gets tested which affects "what you believe in". etc. Kids are so honest too. They tell it like it really is no matter what. I sometimes ask Noah if he sees God or Jesus or angels. He calls Jesus (Oh...the BIG BOY). He says he has seen angels....and I asked if he has angels around him and he said he does He said he has 3 little angels and the BIG BOY around him. He said they were all boys. The angels he described as having wings and something bright on their heads. The BIG BOY was described as a lot of bright light all around him, especially his head. Then another time he said his angels did NOT have wings. I pray constantly that God places his most precious angels around Noah to protect him and keep him safe. I pray for that hedge of protection every day and night. I am SURE he has angels and God watching over him to keep him safe. Anyway..I find this all so fascinating.

We watched Spiderman on video last night. Was good but pretty violent in some parts. We will probably watch Miss Congeniality later today as I also got that from the library. I got Planet of the Apes too but I don't really care about seeing that much although it may be good. Keith will probably watch it though.

I am slowly feeling better. Had some kind of a viral upper respiratory thing for the past 7-10 days. Finally starting to feel better. This really kicked me on my butt this time round.

Well...I want to try to update my virus scanner before the web gets busy and I need to get back to work. Will write more another time.