Thursday, July 10, 2008

BUCKLEY's...........cough suppressant......"it tastes awful"...."it works".....

....words I failed to notice on the side of the box when I was checking the ingredients.

I have been sick for about a week or so now and I decided last night to get some cough suppressant and I wanted some that ONLY HAD dextromethorphan in it and not other ingredients that can dry up my insides or make me hyper.....I saw a bottle of Buckley's at Walgreen's...never saw it there before and I guess the sickness had affected my brain because I swear I did not initially put two and two together to recall a post I had read on a former blog (Buffalo's Path) now at BUFFALOS RUMINATIONS where he had written about this famous Canadian remedy BUCKLEY's!

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I took the stuff home and around bedtime decided to take my dose since I was coughing my fool head off.

OMG! It was only then I glanced at the ingredients and what the side of the box said. I mean even on the side of the box it read TASTES AWFUL BUT IT WORKS......all over the place. I checked the ingredients and it sounded like I was going to be ingesting pure Vicks Vap-O-Rub! Let's take a closer look shall we? It lists the inactive ingredients as including Canadian fir balsam gum, glycerin, menthol, pine needle oil, menthol, camphor, sodium, capsicum, menthol....did I say MENTHOL???

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oh...did you catch that? It tastes awful and it works? They even put that in RED INK on the side of the bottle....also something I failed to mention. I mean who advertises their crap takes like crap unless it really is crap?

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Then I thought ....."oh how bad can it surely doesn't taste as bad as it smells?"

Yeah. WRONG again! It looked like melted down Vicks......SMELLED like melted down VICKS.....and TASTED like melted down VICKS with MOONSHINE mixed in! As soon as it was going down my delicate mucous membranes I knew I had made a grave mistake and wished I could upchuck fact I figured I WOULD upchuck it.......but stayed down...probably only because it was too thick to come back up and it sorta closed up my felt SLOW going down. IT BURNED LIKE PURE MENTHOL all the way.......and I was worried I would have horrible heartburn all night....

I was stunned. ONE teaspoon was MORE than enough and I had seriously considered doubling my dose because my cough has been so bad????? I froze (inside and out) standing at the sink wondering what I had just done! I wanted to take it all back!

I AM SO thankful I did NOT take the double dose!

My FIRST dose.....will also be my LAST dose as I don't think I could ever do it again!

THEN and only then did I recall Buffalo's post and realized this was that famous Canadian CRAP he had been talking about. Oh how I wish my brain had functioned better before then.

BUT I do have to admit. IT did prevent me from coughing the rest of the night.....and I copped a buzz at the same says it will not make you drowsy and it has no alcohol but it felt like I drank 100 proof stuff.....the side effects that is. I did become sleepy and I was actually able to sleep for the first time in DAYS without coughing...

Therefore.....if you can stand to basically INGEST liquefied VICKS with PURE MOONSHINE mixed in.....and I MEAN PURE.......and you have a bad cough...want to feel your insides burning like the pit of hell itself and have a near death experience.....I would have to recommend this nasty stuff.

It was also surprisingly cheap.....well maybe that is not a surprise.....and a great value as it will undoubtedly last me a lifetime (as I for one will likely never take it again!) I am sure the shelf life must read to INFINITY.....

Tuesday, July 08, 2008