Saturday, May 10, 2003

Here it is May 10th...and it is SNOWING outside. We had some nice rain showers all day long yesterday which we really needed..then as forecasted the rain changed over to snow. When Noah and I went to bed it was lightening and thundering outside but SNOWING instead of raining. Very odd...but I have seen and heard that here in Colorado before. Snow storms in MAY is NOT uncommon out here either...just weird. Anyway...we are under a winter storm warning. May end up with 6 to 12 inches. Looks like there is at least 4 inches out there or more already!!

Had a productive day. My back felt better as the kidney stone moved down closer to passing it I did all the laundry. Swept the floors....cleaned the bathrooms and picked up a bit. Now today I would like to clean our bedroom and closet if I can get around to doing that. I am still finishing up spring cleaning and stuff.

Noah sure does like to take care of you and help out where it is needed. YOU DON'T ever hardly even have to ask him to do anything...he THANKFULLY has a built in sense and can see when something either needs done or someone needs something and he DOES IT. He will grow up to be a DREAM MAN for sure if he can keep that going on!!! For example....if he hears you having the hiccups...he will say "you need a drink of water mommy" and he will run and go get me his water cup so I can take a drink. Last night he had no water cup handy but he had a cup of milk so he looked at it and said I could have a drink of milk instead. I made some popcorn the other night. He won't eat any but we had on a movie and I popped me some. I sometimes drop in a few M&Ms in the bag and I guess he has seen me do that. He saw me bring in the popcorn and looked inside the bag and said "you need a little candy" and ran to get me some M&Ms to dump in the bag. I had not put any candy in the bag because A...I did not have any and B...I don't really need any as the popcorn was enough. He found some M&MS HE had and brought them to me and dumped them in my popcorn bag. Was cute. He is good about doing things like that all the time. When I clean he gets up and helps me clean. He will help put things away or into the dishwasher...helps me put clothes in the washer.......clean the bathroom...etc. He is amazing for 4 YEARS OLD...hahahh. I know of men 40 PLUS who don't behave that way. SO...hopefully I can raise him up right and he will know how to cook and clean and manage money and do things on his own and be able someday (IF we are all still around in the world-GOD WILLING) to handle a relationship as he will already know how to do things on his own and not expect someone else to do them for him.

Not sure what I will WHIP up for breakfast today. Right now I am actually not even hungry. I AM going to go make a pot of coffee though. Just opened a new can of coffee so it should taste and smell really good!!

Got a great pitcher at Target the other day. Looks like glass but it is actually plastic. Loos RETRO like something from the 50s....almost the shape of the Koolaid pitchers! Has summer stuff on the outside of an etched area around the pitcher. Very cute. MAKES ANYTHING you put inside it taste even better including water! I fill it with ice and then water and leave it out and pour me big glasses to keep sipping from. HOPING it will help me pass this one kidney stone I have been working on now for a few days. I am beginning to think it must be a larger one as they normally pass quicker than this. SO...we will see I guess when it finally comes out.

Well..I should get back to work. Lots to do on this end of things.

Me.....Wheezer Bug......Ninder....Ninder Cinder........Melinda....Mel.........mommy.........

Friday, May 09, 2003

Noah had a great day at school yesterday. He is growing up so fast Makes you wonder where time goes. It just seems to be flying past these days. Then you start to wonder what it's all about huh? hahaha. Oh well....deep subject. LOVE...I really believe it all comes down to that. Sometime though I believe we get too busy to remember to allow time to feel love for ourselves or families let alone complete strangers we might see on the street. BUT..that was a commandment to love one another. Funny how we can allow little things to stand in the way of that sometimes.

Anyway...cooler here today...about 38 right now. AND..if I am reading my forecast looks like possible SNOW tomorrow. WOW...well...that is not totally unusual for Colorado. Maybe we will be able to use the last of the firewood by having a nice fire in the fireplace.

Keith wanted to take me out to eat on Sunday to the Outback or White Fence Farm...but I would rather JUST STAY HOME and not do a whole lot. I think if I did not have to do anything much that day it would be nice....a nice break.....change of pace! Maybe I could even go back to bed and sleep in if I wanted to...WOW....don't remember the last time that happened. COURSE..then again I do not sleep I probably would not even want to. So..we will see. Hopefully it will just be a quiet day though.

Would love to pay for lawnmowing services for my grandma. I cannot believe someone just doesn't show up and do it for her these days. I mean she is like 80 now...she has no business out there trying to mow it herself. I am having someone check into some prices for that I will see what I can work out. HOPEFULLY something. She should not have to be out there trying to do that...especially with the way grandpa is. Too bad we could not all just reach a certain age and stay that way huh? Course I guess then we would have a population problem on our hands. Funny our minds we DO stay a certain age but then when we see ourselves in the mirror we FREAK out at the person staring back at us and wonder "who the heck is that?" ahahaha.

Got the rest of our home "decor" yesterday that I had ordered. Now to HANG everything up and put it all away. Then on to the bedrooms to clean and sort and organize. Mom said dad should come out here as he is good at throwing things away! HA! I am getting pretty good at parting with things I do not use. Someone else can use them so I donate them. We have to go through Noah's toys in his room....and reorganize it...then back into our bedroom and reorganize that. I figure by the time I get my SPRING CLEANING done it will be JUNE...and then I CAN PAINT. I would like to repaint the bathroom and least Noah's room. Would like to put some big murals in there for him...but if we would want to keep them I guess I would have to put it on canvas. I would like to repaint the kitchen too. I would prefer a new faucet for the sink.....and repainting the cubboards or replacing them eventually would be nice. UPGRADE! We will see. Wallpaper border in the hall and our bedroom also has to go up. I would like to paint the hallways. I filled holes when we moved in but that stuff had a dull finish and the walls are semi-gloss. I have to paint. I LIKE to paint though. WOULD LOVE to paint this front least ONE wall...a nice tannish-terra cota type color. Might make the room look smaller though. OUR CEILING really needs repainted. A professional would have to do that as it is super high and that popcorn crap all over it.

Well..looks promising for rain today. NICE AND CLOUDY and overcast...something we rarely see here anytime. Kind of reminds me of what OHIO looks like..haha. Keith and Noah are still sleeping. I need to get back to work.

More later


Thursday, May 08, 2003

Well.....was going to run down to work tonight to pick up tapes but I decided to hold off till Thursday night like normal. I only have a couple of tapes here to work on but they are long I am sure they will keep me busy enough anyway. ESPECIALLY considering it is all I can do to get up and stay awake this morning. I am so tired for some reason.

Had some nice weather and a wonderful thunderstorm yesterday. RARE for here so we enjoy them anytime we get them. Anyway...Noah even loves them as much as I do. I think Keith is the only one living in our home that does NOT enjoy them. Noah and I always want to run outside and check it out and sit and look at the rain and SMELL it and feel the wind blowing on us...etc. Not Keith. He said he hates the rain. Oh each his own. SMELLED wonderful and the wind was incredible and the rain was too. DID not last long but storms o here rarely do. So we enjoyed it while it lasted.

Noah and I were sitting together on the sofa before going to bed last night. He picked up my hand and kissed it...and hugged it to his little body and said "I love you mommy". SO sweet. If he hears me yawn he will ask me "are you tired mommy?" And I will say yes and then ask him if he is also tired and he will say "me tired too or yes.....tired too or no....not tired". I took a quick shower yesterday evening and he came in with me in the bathroom till I was done and then he got a bath. We are still working on potty training. Wish he would start peeing and POOPING more in the potty but at least it is a start. Today is a school day that he loves so I am sure he will enjoy that.

Keith and I got into it yet again yesterday. Brother.....he can be very inconsiderate, selfish and take things for granted. AFTER our discussion I HOPE and think he might actually "get it" now. Unfortunately MOST men are like that...they still expect a woman to do everything for them and everything that needs to be done all the time. OH WELL>..I am not getting started on all that crap again.

Got to mail out Mom's mother's day package today. Not like I have not had her gift a long time ago...for some reason I am just late in sending it all out. is all sitting here on the table now...just have to pack it up and take it and send it. I may send it FED EX as it would for SURE get there in time.

Otherwise nothing else much happening here. Is 40 degrees out right now...but it is only 4:00 a.m. Nice and quiet right now out here...but I am still so tired. I may head off back for a quick cat nap.

Got 4 rolls of pictures developed ...they are all pretty good. Got some excellent shots of our blizzard back in March. I am still amazed at all the snow we got. big revelations or thoughts today...need to work.

Maybe more later.


Monday, May 05, 2003

My little Noah is such a sweetie pie! He can TWIRL jacks now!! We think this is an amazing thing for his motor skills. Keith worked with him the other and showed him how to do it. He can do it...and more amazing...equally well with BOTH hands!! He seem to be he has not really chosen a preference for either hand yet. Perhaps he will always be able to use both.

Got my hair cut today. Still looking for ME!! THAT ONE LOOK that makes me look WOW!! I am doubting I ever find it unless I go on Oprah for a makeover..ahhha. Oh well..losing weight would help as all this additional weight just makes me look older I am sure.

Almost done with both my manual for work and my important information book for home. WOW...2 more things I have put off and will be done with. Then it is time to finish the house.......and sort...paint...redo.....and work on me in the meanwhile I guess. I will actually have time to read.....or scrapbook or do whatever I want! I cannot recall the last time that was possible.

Everwood is on tonight. I enjoy that show. Looking forward to that. Better go...need to finish some work. Noah is playing on the other computer right now.....I roasted a Butterball chicken for lunch....had mashed potatoes and green beans with that and pears....also whipped up Mississippi Mud was good but so RICH!! for now.. as usual I know.