Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Okay...so I decided to stop this morning at Krispy Kreme to pick up some donuts. NOT that we need them or anything..but I thought some of their glazed ones would be nice and some of their glazed creme filled. Well..I decided to order TWO DOZEN so KEITH could take some into work. I named off the donuts I wanted in the box. OF COURSE as usual...they messed the order up. I did not get much of anything I ordered..and NO glazed creme filled. I guess God is trying to tell me something. So...guess this means Keith will have even MORE donuts to take into work for the night shift. OH well...they will LOVE IT.

Nice....not too chilly outside today. They are calling for another snow storm on Thursday and into Friday. Guess we will see it if hits us. Could be another blizzard but not as much snow.


More later...coffee is also ready


Sunday, March 23, 2003

Well...we had a BLIZZARD! We got 32 inches here were I live....basicall inside for 2 days. It was nice though and very pretty. Keith decided to try going to work on Tuesday anyway...but he did get to leave early which was good because he made it home and probably would not have had he waited till his normal time off work. He came home and took one of the few remaining parking spots that was left. A good one though because it did not drift too bad. We went outside on Wednesday and played in the snow some. Could not really do much as it was up to my butt....and much deeper for Noah. BUT..we had fun. It was a heavy, wet snow too...so it was hard to shovel or move around in it. Perfect for snowmen though! IF YOU could get out to some area where you could walk around to build one.

The next day people (Keith and the neighbors) all began shoveling their cars out. That was a process. BUT....someone borrowed a shovel and then they took turns using the same shovel while the other rested to dig the cars out. Was a great way to meet the neighbors and made friends. I made some crockpot stew and corn muffins for dinner. GREAT BLIZZARD MEAL!! We never did lose our power which was a blessing because like 72,000 other people did at various times during this snow storm. MANY roofs collapsed as well but we have nice slanted ones here..so again we were very fortunate.

Keith went to work on Thursday. I did Thursday night to Friday morning. By then the main roads were very clear and just wet. Our parking lot was dug out and the sidewalks shoveled and all was well in the world again. The snow is still melting....water is everywhere but we desperately needed that so no one is really complaining.

Things are pretty much back to normal now except for huge piles of snow still melting and snow on the ground that is still very deep that is slowly melting. The squirrels are coming back up now that they can get around....and the woodpecker was even around.

I took some fantastic pictures of the snow. It looks surreal.

Well....we are at war and my niece is over in Kuwait.....driving the trucks that haul the patriot missiles. I think about her every day and wonder how she and her comrades are doing. We are in the process of trying to get a big package to send to her next week. Every time I take a shower....grill out....read a book...take a nap...etc...I think about how fortunate and blessed we are and how much most take for granted. I think about her and how so many over there have NONE of our conveniences right now.

Anyway.....just wanted to touch base...had missed a couple of days.

Bye for now.