Thursday, December 01, 2005

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Forbidden Love

Escape from reality and the grays of this world
And step into my mind so you can see
The colors flowing freely, changing shades and hues
All that awaits you my love, to set you free

To begin again with you, and rest my weary head
Is what I desire with all my heart
but your words soon fade to memories
your desire along with it, as I know from my world I cannot part

There always is a reason for two paths to cross in life
Though that reason many times is left unknown
But we must falter through it, the joys and all the strife
So one day we can see how much we've grown.

copyright 2005 - Melinda A. Napoletano
December 1st.....only 24 days left till Christmas. YIKES! It has snuck up on me once again! Usually I am more prepared..not this year! oh well...I can catch up...I HOPE.

We got some presents for some Native Americans at a reservati0n through our we have 3 kids from another needy place needing presents we will go shopping for. I SO enjoy buying presents and gifts for such causes. I know the people on the other end of receiving sure appreciate them!