Saturday, March 12, 2005

I don't even see my profile here...only on my other blog....

SUPER WEIRD..on the other blog I somehow lost HALOscan comments....I have comments but not from HALO Scan. Maybe because I changed templates? I ALSO don't see any links and cannot seem to get them to work. Course I cannot do that on this blog either. I guess I need to take some time one day (which I never seem to have enough of) and FIX everything.

The wind is blowing like crazy outside. A winter storm weather advisory is in effect through tomorrow night at midnight. Let's see if they get this one right. Been super nice and warm and sunny...almost 70 degrees yesterday. Course 2 years ago we did have a blizzard in March. I will have to post a picture here of it. It was unreal.

WHY DO I always talk about the weather on here. Is that the best I can do?

I need some coffee...later
Geesh. Trying to update my blogs and make them look a bit better and then I screw things up and spend HOURS trying to make things right again. Seems to be the story of my life lately