Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer of Color Week 2 - Hot Pink and Orange!

 This week's colors were hot pink and orange. I immediately thought of so many gorgeous sunsets we see around here in the fall and summer...always what I call those Charlie Brown skies as they look just like the skies you see on the old Charlie Brown movies. LOVE those! Anyway, this book for my project this year is rather I decided to do a mixed media piece....Mod Podged on tissue papers and other papers....doodled and then painted on top of that and covered with more Mod Podge after I added an Inka Gold trim. I think it feels nice and rich and warm...and I love suns and sun faces...not sure why I decided to stick the hand on here. Sort of reminds me of an Aztec design with the sun face and background. Anyway..this is what I ended up with. VERY difficult to get the true colors to show up correctly here in picture form..but I have various shades of hot pinks and oranges. If you still want to participate in Summer of Color 2013 please check my sidebar for a link!