Friday, May 09, 2008

Lose ONE pound..........

take FOUR pounds of pressure off your knees........

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Angela.....this is for you......

Today is National Coconut Cream Pie day.......

Here is Hungry Gal's version of a coconut cream pie treat!

(130 calories, 5.5g fat, 15 carbs, 1.5g fiber, and 1.5g protein = 3 points)

Love coconut cream pie? This is a much, much lighter, but still satisfying swap!

1 Jell-O SF Vanilla Pudding Cup
1/4 tsp. coconut extract or 1 tsp. Torani SF Coconut Syrup
1 Honey Maid graham cracker square, crumbled, or a small handful of crushed 100 Calorie Pack Honey Graham Thin Crisps (1/4 pack)
Fat Free Reddi-Wip
shredded coconut

Scoop pudding out of plastic container, and place in dish. Mix in extract or syrup. Top with crushed graham crackers and a mini handful of shredded coconut. Finish off this creamy coconut cloud with a squirt or two of FF Reddi-Wip. Mmmmm. (Serves 1)

Want more recipes? Check out her new cookbook below:

Hungry Gal Cookbook

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

China = Lead

What is up with China using lead as a filler or additive in like EVERY freakin' product they manufacture?

What is up with our government to continue to allow IMPORTS of that same CRAP from China?

I don't get it. As far as I am concerned all the TRADE should stop effective IMMEDIATELY! Bring those jobs back to the States......make sure the products get manufactured correctly.....BOOST OUR economy with GOOD QUALITY products and not crap made in China.

The latest LEAD issue involves know....those things you get put into your mouth over a bad tooth? Yeah......lead in the that is a great combo!

And we have to wonder why we have people in our nation with weird brains and sicknesses and disease and a rise in autism? Makes one wonder about a lot.

PERSONALLY......I am trying to boycott anything stamped with MADE IN CHINA. you know how hard that is? AND.....some manufacturers claim to be MADE IN THE USA but receive PARTS FROM CHINA......which really becomes a nightmare come true then doesn't it? We are surrounded by lead....and lead-based products and lead contamination.

Lead is toxic....poisonous and heavy. sinks. AGAIN....why is any of this crap being allowed in our country? Where are our official people to MONITOR THIS and make sure it is not happening. Oh sure they seem to be doing their jobs better now....I do hope and pray they have not been purposefully "looking the other way" to make a buck.

This all makes me so upset and is unacceptable. I am wanting to become a hermit on my own farm or self-made community more and more with each passing day. AND my world I created would not involve anything from China.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The weather has been gorgeous!

Not too hot........not too chilly.......just right. Of course I like cold weather too so even if it was chilly I would not really mind.

I mowed my entire yard on one day for a change thanks to having 2 mowers now! I use my battery one for the front and side yard and then the gas mower for the big backyard! It is nice being able to get the entire yard done on one day! Before my battery would need recharging in order to do the entire yard.

Dancing with the stars was good last night. I know it sounds corny but I like that show a lot! I wonder who will get voted off tonight? I think it will either be Mario or Tony and his partner.....cannot remember her name.

LOTS to do on my end today. IEP meeting at 2:00 up till then......shower and work out......some laundry......and errands.........etc.

maybe more later. is International NO DIET DAY...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Iron Man.....Saturn Vue.....Kentucky Derby....not necessarily in that order.....

I thought it was horrific yesterday when the horse that came in SECOND place at the Kentucky Derby after the race....collapsed or stumbled....(no one seems sure) and broke BOTH front ankles....compound fractures.....and had to be EUTHANIZED on the spot right on the track!  ALL this going on while the winning horse and jockey and owners were receiving their trophy for winning!

Last night I could not wait to see Iron Man.  I want to go to our Drive-In to see it.  I may just do that tonight.  BUT to tie me over I watched it ONLINE last night for free.....and it is fantastic!  I cannot wait to see it in person on a big screen!

My Vue.  I bought a 2003 Saturn Vue in the fall of 2002 before the models actually came out on sale.  I have never had any problems with it.......NEVER.

I took it to the dealer here in OHIO however for an OIL CHANGE......and voila!

About a month or so after that I  had an O2 sensor go out on it....that cost almost 300.00 to get repaired.  

NOW...another month SERVICE LIGHT is on again.  I seriously think they are rigging up my truck to keep bringing me back for crap.  It is inconvenient as they are over 40 miles away from where I live.....and expensive...and I question their abilities to find my problems let alone fix them.

NOW.....most of you are saying "well  it is 5 years should expect some problems now."  WELL.....I only have 27,000 miles on the truck!  It still smells brand new inside.  There is no FREAKIN' way just because it if 5 years old I should be having ANYTHING go wrong with it as far as I am concerned.  AND I am so damn close to having it paid off!

SO what to do....what to do.  I think I am going to find someone else to CHECK the truck out and run it on a scanning tell me what THEY think is wrong with it.  Maybe I could trust someone in a small town here better than a bigger city 40+ miles away?  I don't know.  BUT it burns my butt!

OH........and to top things off........3/4 of my right BIG toenail fell off yesterday.  Well it was ready to come off.....I had to cut it off actually.  That leaves the remaining portion which hopefully will come off too soon enough.....which all looks better than it had.  I am not sure what I did to it....but it looked like I had banged it up pretty good.......and it has gone through the various stages of healing I guess to get to this point.  There are still some remnants of the toenail on the other side where I removed I am hoping and praying that part also falls off.

SO I am not sure if it is safe for me to be driving my car too far.  The light comes on....sometimes it goes off.  WHAT CRAP!  SO I am  not sure what I will be doing today.  My yard  needs mowed but I don't like to do that on a SUNDAY.  I have a ton of paperwork here that I can sift through and I want to have a HUGE yard sale soon.  SO I guess it is not like I don't have anything here to do.  OH.....I also have a couple of houses I want to take a drive by on and see where they are yes....I am still looking to BUY a house too. 


Gee...have I left anything out?