Friday, July 01, 2011

a sketch I did tonight...of a cemetery sculpture on a grave

another angle....looking up at it...

it is a cherub/angel and the skull is under its right hand and the hour glass with sands of time that have run out under its other hand. I love going to cemeteries and seeing old sculptures there.....this was a pic of one I saw and liked it a lot...thought I would try sketching it out....

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zentangled/doodled iguana

I had the urge to do an iguana after I did that I did him today. I decided to try to use only circles, lines, and diamonds...and instead of zentangling the background to use my markers and blend to make clouds. I like how he turned out..but as usual...see some things I may still touch up.

Monday, June 27, 2011

some recent journal doodles...and zentangles....

Some of these are still works in progress...I am going to fine tune the owl for example....bring some more dark black around the head to make it more symmetrical and add more contrast....and there are a few others I am not quite finished with yet. I want to add some stones and detail to that one where it shows several different layers of dirt and little creatures....these are just some things I have experimented with and worked on recently that I wanted to share and post now.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

drive to grandma's house....

does this look spooky to you??


AWESOME day on Saturday...I only had to work half day...and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Only low 70s...lots of big fluffy clouds in the breeze perfect kind of weather for summer! We decided to go to Idle Hour Ranch in Troy, Ohio for a visit. It is an awesome place....where you can get up close and personal with many animals.....even feed them. It was a wonderful outing...and I am sure we will go back again! Noah's favorite part was mining for gems....where he could play around in the fact..he liked this so much...he wants me to build one just like it in our backyard!

We saw elephants, kangaroos, parrots, horses, giraffe, camels, a yak, goats, llamas, pigs, coyote, cougar (forgot to snap a pic of him), elk, ostrich, tortoise, fish, owl, prairie dog, fox, dogs, just a lot of wonderful animals! You could feed them too if you wanted. They were giving elephant rides this weekend...the elephants are actually there for 3 weekends only visiting in between other shows they do somewhere else for another touring group.....soon some tigers will be stopping by the ranch for a visit...

here is a link to the ranch...


After we left the ranch we went to CiCi's Pizza....Noah loves it and had been wanting to go there for a long time and a new one had opened in Huber was fantastic food and wonderful restaurant. The pizza was excellent and they had some new kinds of pizza to try! I like the thin crust authentic Italian and macaroni and cheese pizzas the best! Noah liked sausage and sausage and ham pizzas the best. He was in heaven!

Then we drove down to hit up the Covered Wagon Farmer's Market in Union, had some amazing things there....anything from soaps, candles, candies, fresh homemade Amish baked goods and canned goods.....fresh vegetables...dried goods....etc....and flowers and plants outside.

While looking inside we saw a beautiful buttefly or moth that had gotten trapped down in a bin between some packages of crackers. I thought it was fake at first....looked almost like wood lying there...but Noah said no and touched it and it began to move around. I told him if he wanted to live he better get on my finger so I could take him outside..and HE DID! I had Noah open a side door inside the store and the moth/butterfly turned around and looked at me..and I said to " can go you are free!" and it turned around the other direction and flew away towards the flowers. He looked like this...sort of....

I bought some peanut butter fudge, banana bread and pumpkin bread among other things...and even though I do not need another candle..they had some clearance hot buttered popcorn candles on sale and that is a discontinued scent and smells so yummy...I got one!

link to Covered Wagon Farm Market

Covered Wagon Farm Market

We saw my cousin and husband in the store while there and they invited us over to see their house down the road when we were done next up was a drive over there....then we drove to Arcanum to see grandma C....had a wonderful visit with her as well....

Noah went outside to catch lightning bugs before we left....

The weather was gorgeous.....the night was just we rolled all the windows down in the car/truck and drove around..the lightning bugs sparkled in the was almost like being in a convertible and Noah and I loved it! We will be doing that again for sure!

We had an awesome day...and it was even better for me cause I got to share all that with Noah! I have decided no matter how I may look or feel...this is our life NOW...and we better live it now while we can and not wait around until everything is just right with this or that or our bodies just to do something.

This is it.....wait...wasn't that Michael Jackson's Famous last words?

JUST DO IT.....stop waiting it already...yeah...that sounds pretty good right about now..