Saturday, August 09, 2008

J. Holiday.........BED

Ken's Fat Free Raspberry Pecan dressing........

talk about good! I tried to find a raspberry dressing like the one I had on that fantastic salad I wrote about the other day. I found this one made by Ken's and it was the closest I think so far. It was an added BONUS that it is fat free! Talk about YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND it makes your every day salads taste SUPER good too!

I think I could eat salads for every meal......


Friday, August 08, 2008 was so COOL outside Thursday!

I had no idea how gorgeous the day was until I took the trash out Thursday late afternoon early evening. had cooled off tremendously.....and was SOOOOOOOOO nice outside. Probably should have had the garage sale this is now pouring down rain outside too.

This is reminding me so much of late summer and the start of fall. It surely won't be long before we see fall moving in....back to school...leaves slowly changing....days getting shorter and nighttime coming sooner.

I am enjoying this cloudy cool day and rain.

Hey...if you want to try something delicious.....on salads or straight from the gotta try these.

WOW.....I think it said 1/4 cup is only 35 calories......I cannot remember now for sure as my bag is already gone...but they are DELICIOUS! Head on over to Kroger's Salad Dressing toppings section and get a bag today!

and to be HONEST.....none of mine ever even actually hit a salad....I ate them from the bag every so often as a snack.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tori Spelling.......

I know this is weird......and I feel sorta bad for admitting this...but I admit I once kind of thought Tori Spelling was like....well....maybe bratty and not all that great. There was something about her I did not particularly care for and I have no clue what it was.

BUT I was flipping channels one rare night when I had the TV on and I came across the Oxygen channel I believe and a show called Tori and Dean was on and I started to watch it and I got to know Tori better.....or at least the way she is on the show which seems to be real.....and her husband....and their little boy....and NOW their baby girl. Motherhood has been good to Tori and so has her happy marriage...she seems very happy and at peace....and just so much different and BETTER than she has appeared to be in the past.

What do I know though other than what is portrayed in the news or on TV....etc. BUT even taken solely on that aspect alone..what you see now is a much softer, kinder, loving, friendlier Tori.

I have to say I may have been wrong about Tori. She seems genuinely nice and while she may have some quirks (don't we all?) I really like her. In fact....I liked the show so much and HER that I am going to buy her new book.

I know.....I can't believe it myself....but if you get a might give the show a shot. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised as I did.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Week 32 - Give It A Try - Using a medium you never have

up close

Week 32 - Give It A Try - Using a medium you never have

Week 32 - Give It A Try - Using a medium you never have

I always wanted to try making a diorama on a playing version....and since I am ready for fall and I LOVE Peanuts.....I decided to attempt a diorama of one of the scenes from that movie. I did not take a lot of time and see a couple of things I would change next time...but for my first attempt...I think I am pleased.

Week 31 - In The Kitchen

Week 31 - In The Kitchen, originally uploaded by racham.

Week 31 - In The Kitchen

Week 31 - In The Kitchen, originally uploaded by racham.

sharing one recipe I like to make when I have extra time!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I wonder about everything and it gives me a migraine.....

Monday, August 04, 2008

getting ready for a garage sale!

I got up....mowed......trimmed....then spent another 4 hours in the garage sorting and getting things ready for a garage sale on the 15th. I felt like I got a nice workout actually......and then I came in and got cleaned up and picked up Grandma C. to take her with us to see my mom and dad.......(her daughter).....and we had supper there.

As part of supper mom had bought this delicious salad from a local restaurant called a Mediterranean salad and I figured it would be feta cheese and black olives and such....but WOW this was sooooo was spinach leaves and some romaine lettuce..with mandarin orange slices and blueberries and strawberry slices and some walnuts and feta cheese and dried cranberries....with this raspberry sauce to drizzle over the top.

It was soooooooo good....and I am going to try to make it myself....I hope and pray I can make it taste as yummy as this restaurant did......or else I will have to go get one every so often and stock up! I could eat this for every meal I think and it is like a dessert practically!

wow......I may have to eat my leftovers NOW and not wait till tomorrow!