Monday, May 19, 2003

I wonder if anyone reading this journal finds it boring?? hahahaha. Probably so. Oh well. I don't fill it with a bunch of things likely to stir up conversations I guess.

Sat outside last night on the balcony and watched a storm move in. Was wonderful enjoying the wind and smells. Noah came out with me. It finally got chilly so we grabbed a blanket.We stayed out a little longer. Heard some thunder and saw some lightening but got no rain. The winds did pick up.

Another week starting today and as usual I am tired. What's Guess I will have to get a new mask and start wearing my CPAP at night again. Maybe that will help. WISH I could DESIGN a new mask...the ones they have out on the market leave a lot to be desired.

Should go to a staff meeting today but I am not going to. Someday I may be required to go to them and I am not sure what I will do then. Noah will be going to school on Mondays next year which is the day of our staff meetings so I won't be able to get down there for the meeting....I would think since I also work nights that would not be a problem. I mean they do minutes and I get a copy and always read them. The meetings are actually pretty much a waste of time and I don't see where they should be necessary or required to attend in person as long as you can read the minute. If Juanita tries forcing me to come next year I may have to go above her and work around that. Especially since Monday if Noah is going to school...I would have no way to get down there and back in time to pick him up with 1 car. ALSO....if he is not in school...that is a rare time if I want to sleep I can as Keith would still be home. I would like to know WHEN work expects me to sleep? This staff meeting starts so late...10:30 a.m. Usually lasts at least an hour or hour and half. TOO long....Keith has to leave for work soon after I am sure since this bugs me I will find some way to get out of it.I already told Juanita I would have problems attending more than the few in the summer......and then whenever there might be a holiday on a Monday or Noah was not in school. May not be the "required" amount of meetings to attend.....but that would be the best I could ever do.

AAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH. Not even going to waste anymore time thinking about that.

Watched the Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets movie yesterday. It was okay. LONG MOVIE...I think the second Lord of the Rings will be better. Both Harry Potter movies kind of disappointed me.

Finding Nemo comes out soon. Will be so much fun to go see that one!!

Debbie called me last night. Grandpa sounds pretty bad. Cannot walk now. Grandma does not understand why not. Debbie wonders if he had a stroke. Grandma is supposed to call Home Health and have them come out on Monday if he is no better. I am sure if he cannot walk they are going to tell her he has to go to a nursing home. NO ONE wants to go there or end up there or send someone there. Society sure does not make it easy though for older people....everything is so expensive too. Course....I guess that is where "PLANNING" comes in.....we are supposed to plan our lives out somewhat more for later years I guess than we do. I guess no one wants to think about that. I know I don't like to either. It can be depressing. I just pray we can all just get older but remain intact to be able to live on our own and in our own houses. AND take care of ourselves...things like that.

Enough of that......I need to get back to work.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

MEATLOAF dinner was excellent yesterday!! I have to was one of the BEST meals I have ever made Easter dinner was nice that makes at least TWO really really good tasting meals to me that I have made recently!! Most times when I cook myself things just don't always taste that great.

It got warm actually. Could not believe it. We watched Shallow Hal last was pretty good and funny. A lot better than I thought it was going to be. Today we will probably watch Harry Potter's Chamber of Secrets and Road to Perdition. I guess this means I get NOT MUCH else done huh? hhah.

Everyone else is still sleeping. LeighAnn actually graduates next Saturday. AMAZING..she will be the FIRST child of Keith's from his prior marriage that actually physically graduated. He has a strange family. Seems none of them are too interested in each other or what the other is doing etc. His sister is having 2 total knee replacement surgeries performed on Monday and she had not even bothered to tell anyone. I only found out because we had invited her to a get together to celebrate LeighAnn graduating and then she told me. I am sure her dad also did not know. His kids are aloof. I don't like how they behave most times. LeighAnn is the only one who seems to care about much of anything. Dale is too wrapped up in his own life and girlfriend. Kelley is pretty busy with her new baby and her life. I don't think they go visiting each other or things like that. Just like with Keith...we only see his sister maybe once per year and his dad a few times per year. Shoot we don't see his kids except for LeighAnn very often. Is odd to me as I did not grow up that way. I worry about Noah. I want him to be around get togethers and stuff more often than he is...but like WITH WHO?????? hahahaa. Oh well. We try to stay pretty busy doing things and going places and that makes up for it a little bit I guess.

Noah has one more week of school and then what. ....Have to think about that.

Watered my flowers outside last night. They sure were thirsty. I would have been too if I had been hanging all day in the sun and heat.

Not sure what I will make for today's dinner. I am thinking fried chicken wings and potato salad. I RARELY make ANYTHING fried. As a matter of fact...except for chicken wings or an occasional hamburger..that is ALL I fry anymore. BUT..that along with baked bean may be good for lunch today. Maybe we can do a picnic. That would be nice too. Keith wants to get some pictures of LeighAnn with her cap and gown. Trying to figure out WHEN we can do that.

OH BROTHER..I STILL need to get my Easter stuff down. Maybe I can do that today while watching a movie. Not much up so it should not take too long to take down and put away.

I ordered some tart burners yesterday and today. They can really smell up a room nice and quicker most times than a candle can. I love my candles but the tart warmers are great I wanted to get some for each season and a couple extra for more rooms. My FAVORITE brand of candles now has to be VILLAGE CANDLES!!! Talk about an amazing smell. WOW..they are the best and burn the nicest.

Just got a email from Angela with a BIRTHDAY list idea on it. Weird. I never asked her for an idea of what she wanted for her birthday. Seems sometimes that is the only time you hear from her these days...when she wants something. I know that sounds terrible...but it seems to be true SOMETIMES anyway. I never heard thanks for the money I gave to Alex for Easter or the little thing I sent to her..not that I expected to.....but I thought she might at least mention it. And then she wonders why no one will send her special things or get her special presents. WHY? She usually does not like what you sent or will take it back if she can. I was planning on only getting her a gift certificate to Pier One Imports this year and a card for her birthday. I guess she wants this cookbook instead. I guess I will get that for her instead.

This weekend is Old Fashioned Days in Arcanum. The Custer Reunion is coming up. Amazing how fast time flies. We will be here 1 year already in another month.

Well.. have more work to do. Better sign off for now.