Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trying to get in the creative mood......

It is fleeting. My creative moods. I get in the mood....then it is like I get overwhelmed or something...and then put everything away again. I am trying to do a combination of projects too all at the same maybe that is part of the problem.

I have a lot of things I CAN do.....and so MANY supplies........just trying to get it all to the end result is a challenge of late.

This past week I was just too tired to do much of anything besides work and homeschool Noah. AND sleep whenever I got the chance. I try to listen to my body during those times.

BUT I miss the WRECK THIS JOURNAL days....when I would sit nearly daily and work on a page or two. I even have additional WRECK THIS JOURNAL journals now to work on and others similar....and yet I don't is almost like I feel stuck at times.

I signed up for the HAPPY BOOK project with Jamie Ridler studios but I have not really felt a part of it like I have her other projects. I don't think I have ever posted anything that makes me happy and it seems I must be on the bottom of the receiving line for a Happy Book to arrive for me to add my happiness to it. It seems it has turned into an incredibly long drawn out project that I do not feel even a part of at all......mainly my own fault I suppose....and I find myself looking forward to the next book or project to become a part of that will have me doing something on a much more regular basis. Maybe I should have bough a Happy Book myself to also work through at the same time or something.

SO all this has me in a mood. I am trying to deal with it. Go with the flow...just float........float.