Sunday, September 23, 2012

Some seasonal fairies I am working on....

FALL FAIRY (not complete)

Christmas Fairy (not completed)


I had to add 1 ear..will  need to add another! lol

I LOVE this one....the face...everything about her

she is at an angle but looks a little asymmetrical. I need to doctor her up a bit and add another ear

need to finish her face and add some glitter....fine tune eyes on all
My uncle had posted some things about fairies and fairy art and how to draw fairies and it just inspired me to do some of my own fairies. I decided to make fairies for the seasons and holidays first. I  have many ideas and would actually like to finish these above....and then coat them with more glitter and Mod Podge...and eventually SCULPT dolls that look like them. I am excited about that....but need to get some supplies. is what I have so far. They are a work in progress. I am making them so they can hold hands with each other. So anyway....I wanted to upload them here to share!