Monday, March 12, 2012

10 things.....(I am a couple days behind)

Wax coke bottles....loved them...I think you can still get them too!

Oscar Mayer weiner whistle...yes...I have one still!

Rat Fink it still!

Rabbit feet keyrings...what a horrible thing to sell and boy did we buy them up. Portrayed as able to bring one GOOD luck....I dare say it did not bring the same thing to the poor rabbits. Yes I had one....a few in fact...still have 1 I think....would I buy one now? NO way....poor bunnies.

Norelco razor commercial shown every year at Christmastime..usually during the airing of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer...I loved the commercial..seeing Santa sled all around the snow!

Mr. Ed talking hand puppet...I LOVED the show...and wanted this puppet...I got one...and I STILL have it today!

GLASS KNOCKERS toy...remember these? Wow how dangerous they were! I had a few friends knock their teeth out with these things! They were super dangerous and could sometimes FLY off the strings they were attached to. This pic shows a REVISED version..I still have mine...and it was held together with MUCH THINNER cotton type thread!

I ALWAYS wanted one...never got one. I have a Christmas ornament of one now...haha...but I DID buy the things you could BAKE in the oven...but my mom let me make it in our real oven. Needless to say..I began baking for real at a very young age!

LOVED my creepy crawler bug set...and the smell....the squiggly bugs....

Candy cigarettes..what were they thinking? BUT we used to think ourselves SO COOL to go around with these things hanging out of our mouths pretending to smoke! Obviously these were taken off the market eventually!

On the tenth of the month, a bunch of us over at share ten things. Any ten things. All different kinds of ten things. And you’re welcome to join us.

I have decided to list 10 toys or unique items or things I remember from when I was growing up...and a few of these I STILL HAVE!

TWO bonus ones:

TROLLS...still have some yes...

and Topo Gigio (have a small one yes but in better shape than this one)