Friday, November 14, 2008

EGGNOG is out!

I was buying some groceries at a local market last night...stocking up on turkeys and turkey breasts since they are on sale and I love turkey and eat a lot of it.....and I saw in the dairy case EGGNOG....and something new this year.......PUMPKIN SPICE EGGNOG!

NOW I BET that is delicious! Problem is.....with just ME wanting one glass....I did not want to buy the entire quart.....cause I knew if it was as good as I suspected.....I would then be tempting myself to have one glass of pure fat every night for a treat. AND well.....I do not need treats yet.....I have to earn those.

OKAY I have to crop this as I can't get past the guy's hairy arm holding up this bottle

there...that is better....I think anything served up in GLASS instead of a carton or plastic looks and tastes MUCH better and richer!

DOES look good...I will have to get some for Thanksgiving......maybe Christmas too...

speaking of is only a few weeks away! Today I started watching Christmas movies. For today I watched:

an EXCELLENT holiday movie if you have not yet seen it.....I would recommend it. PG-13 means everyone can pretty much watch it and enjoy it....though maybe this is considered more a couples of chick flick movie...not sure. I think it is a "family" movie.....but to each his own. Some good music on it too!

In the film, Christmas with the Whitfields promises to be one they will never forget. All the siblings have come home for the first time in years and they've brought plenty of baggage with them. As the Christmas tree is trimmed and the lights are hung, secrets are revealed and family bonds are tested. As their lives converge, they join together and help each other discover the true meaning of family.

Meanwhile I am meeting my goals I set for myself at work......I am looking forward to the Ohio State game tomorrow so come on BUCKS don't let me down!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I cannot believe it is only about 2 weeks until Thanksgiving...


seems like only yesterday it was Thanksgiving last year.....and now we are approaching it again.  Won't be long and Christmas and New Years will be here and over with as well....and then we will be heading into another year!   People always say the older you get the faster time seems to  pass by.  But time is relative isn't it?  So if it is how we merely "perceive" it.....why is it children perceive time as moving so slow and older people as moving by so quickly?  Aside from the obvious.

If this is true  (if it is merely how we perceive it) then is it not possible to change HOW we perceive time so we can make it conform to whatever our needs or desires are? 

WHAT if the masses.......the majority.....all began to think of time the same way as children do?   You know we become what we think.....or cause to happen what we dwell on.  So does time move by more quickly for the elderly because they dwell on time passing by quickly and they feel they are running out of time? AND because they have been "conditioned" to believe it over time which in essence has made it factual in their life?

I have had it said over and over to me for many many years by just about everyone older than me in my family.....that time will go by faster the older you get.   have had this drilled into my brain and subconscious hundreds of times.....probably thousands by now.  If one is subjected to this onslaught over the years of "time goes by faster the older you get".....I imagine it is more than probable that person would also grow up to "believe" it and thus cause it to be fulfilled in their life?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

yeah BUCKS!!!!! now THAT's what I'm talkin' bout!

The OSU game Saturday was so much fun to watch. It was incredible! I hope the Big Ten Network or ESPN replays it cause I will be watching it again!

I want to put my Christmas tree up so bad......I know it is too early....and I have other things more pressing to do....but it is hard to fight off the urge.

It is snowing today off and on.....sometimes large flakes....sometimes tiny ones....spitting snow I guess you could say.

I have a roast and vegetables in the crockpot....and a loaf of homemade bread baking. Will take those to grandma's house in a bit.

Otherwise.......I love this kind of is very fall-like and winter is just around the corner!

yes.....that is Bing Crosby singing "I'll Be Home For Christmas" in the background of the video.....

I am a sap