Saturday, June 09, 2007


You are the steam rising off the blacktop in the scorching summer sun
The heat waves hovering above charcoal embers in my grill
The red hot cinders from the logs in my fireplace
Just a hint of movement toward me from you
And my water becomes so hot
Bubbling over with heat
As the intensity builds to the boiling point
We become the pressure of steam
Released from the kettle

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Your Words...

Are something of great value to me
They can lift me up so high I feel I am above heaven
With wings outstretched
I can soar easily on their current
I sail like a kite on their breeze

Your words...

Can sometimes cut through me like a machete
Cutting me to the quick
Dropping me to my knees
Leaving me hollowed out inside like a pumpkin
Ready for carving
All the seeds of possibilities
Scattered and surrounding me, carelessly discarded

Your words...

Become the air I breathe
I inhale and exhale you
Filling my lungs to capacity
You course through my body
Sending electrical pulses to every nerve and fiber of my being

Your words...

Can turn my yellow into blue
And my blue into yellow
My light into darkness
And my darkness into light
My day into night
And my night into day
My life into death
And my death into life
My hope into despair
And my despair into hope

Your words...

Are addictive
Causing me to crave more of them
Each sweet nothing you whisper into my ear
Brings a smile to my lips
Joy to my heart
And fills me with love unimaginable
I become radiant and my entire world
Is lit up like a mirror reflecting the sun

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weaning OFF cream!

I weaned myself years ago off sugar and cream in my coffee to drinking it BLACK. No problems. Somewhere along the way once Starbucks came out with fancy flavored coffees and lattes......and then FLAVORED CREAMERS hit the stores....well.......I decided to TREAT myself OCCASIONALLY with flavored cream in my coffee. NO trans fat....NO cholesterol......not too many calories......little fat.....however......there is SUGAR in it. Yeah right. This was about 18 months ago....maybe 2 years......

Needless to OCCASIONAL treats quickly became a physical "fix" I NEEDED to satisfy every day...with EVERY cup of coffee. NOW I can drink a cup of coffee black but do not feel FULL or satisfied unless it has the flavored CREAM in it. I realized I am ADDICTED. AND flavored cream is not cheap. I need to break myself....I NOW need to wean myself off cream!

I am here to tell you......if you can......just don't ever start something like that to begin with .....cause it is much easier to avoid it than to have to endure the process of breaking free from it all over again! I sit here SIPPING my flavored creamed up cup of coffee...realizing it will be the last time I likely buy flavored cream....I have to stop. That extra SUGAR and calories does my body no good.

AND speaking of body....I am thrilled to say the big toe I almost cut off years ago that seemed to be FROZEN and I could not really bend it properly tingling again and I can NOW MOVE it and even stand on my tiptoes on that foot which is something I have not been able to do for years! It is like it is coming back to life....I honestly never thought it would ever happen again. It is the strangest feeling to be able to FEEL my toe again. AND have it move.

TAKING care of your body pays off so immensely...I cannot stress it enough. As with the is much easier to take care of it to begin with than to try to rectify screwing it up later! I am thankful I have come to remember how much I LOVE TO MOVE my body......and LOVE TO FEEL MY MUSCLES' PRESENCE.....I feel more alive.....and I can feel my muscles actually being used and developing is incredible. It just psychs me out! I have become almost obsessed with working out again and I am thankful. I LOVE to feel my stomach muscles HURT because I have done so many hundred crunches for the day. I think that is a better FIX than sucking down the creamed up coffee (yes I am trying to convince myself). I am brainwashing myself....I am good at it.

I thank God for giving me a body that responds quickly but crap I am going to miss my creamed coffee!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I know I'm alive because ....

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I can feel my heart catching and yet I can feel love so strong and powerful it consumes me.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

something interesting to think about...

Your Relationship Blueprint
Was Programmed Into Your Mind
In the First 7 Years of Your Life

And all the relationship discomfort you have been experiencing since then was created from that childlike perspective: with your immature understanding, inadequate and wounded perspective, within the limited environment of your family, school, church and neighborhood. Your programming is then locked in your DNA.

After the age of seven, your ego's job became protecting this mind-created identity. For most people, this default system runs their lives.

Are you enslaved by your own programming?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

the Drive-In is OPEN!

And if I had known it was going to be such a beautiful cool....just gorgeous...Noah and I would have gone to the movies! I did not find out till 20 minutes before show-time that the drive-in was open through the week as well as on the weekends.

THAT is the time to go even in summer...through the week. IT is less crowded!

Oh well...we will have to do it another time. If we lived right down the road from it we would still have tried to make the show. BUT we live about 30 minutes from it.

I am looking forward to going through the week now that I don't have to work nights!

mowing and trimming done for another day!

It let up raining and the sun came back out and high winds...dried up the wet grass pretty well so I was able to go out and mow and trim after all. Next will be some pulling up of weeds in the flower beds and trimming bushes but I have to get some trimmers or something first. I still have not decided if I am planting flowers this year. I may just do one hanging basket and forget the rest. I just don't know if I want to mess with it.

I have decided to forgo planting any veggies this year. Last year I had a heck of a time with bugs.....and it took a lot of extra time to water and take care of the stuff than I have really. AND I did not even use a lot of the veggies but gave them away. I love gardens and fresh veggies and stuff...but this year I think I am going to take a break from it.

now I have to try to catch up on the server has been fixed.

I am too is already raining....crap


DO NOT say you will CALL or call us back...if you have no intentions of doing so. If something happens to screw that up.....with technology the way it is nowadays in the form of voicemail, email, personal messages, or the actual freaking phone really have NO excuse not to easily be able to rectify it...or SEND an excuse for your illogical behavior to your loved one's way.

I know a lot of women. I AM a woman. I know of NO women who do not get royally PISSED OFF and HURT when a man says they will call and then for whatever reason ......DON'T!

It is just plain rude and totally inconsiderate. I am sure if we said the same and did the MEN would not like it either.

hum....perhaps that is something we women should all for the fact MOST of us WOMEN also do not like to PLAY FREAKIN GAMES!

okay.......I am signing off to breathe now......

Tuesday morning......June 5-2007

It was a cool wet night. (sounds like the opening to a cheap novel). We had a lot of storms pass through the area and some torrential downpours a few times.

Noah and I went to K-Mart last night and I got some new bedding and curtains for my bedroom finally. I went back and got some more sheers for my living room window. They had sheets on sale so I grabbed some navy ones for Noah's bed and some to match my new bedding. I had to verify they were on that all cleared by K-Mart and then rung up for the correct price...but once home I am not sure the queen size stuff was also supposed to be on sale or not. It was all very confusing last night. If you go by the appeared all sizes were marked down. However...their ad I checked once home only said twin size. I had the manager go back with me and he said to give them to me for the sale price. I am thinking someone had the wrong signs up for the ad but because they were I got them for that price. I feel guilty for taking them at that price now.

I also had ordered a HUGE order from GNC. It got detained from delivery...and I called them to yes......COMPLAIN. I finally got my order after I called my own local post office to find out where it it showed it had been delivered and I had not received it. THEN I get an email from GNC that shows they sent out a second DUPLICATE order.....which was NOT me......for only 1 cent for each item! Because of the hassle with my order and delivery issues and stuff. I was amazed and stunned and feel guilty about that!

I am thankful for those things and the fact I got sheer curtains on sale for 7.00 a panel making it POSSIBLE for me to finally add some curtains to my windows in my home. One year later. I love the clean look of the blinds only but some sheers are nice as they blend in with the blinds and walls and do not really make the rooms feel smaller and they allow plenty of light to still come through but some privacy when I want it. SO I am thankful for that as well.

It looks like another storm is coming in. I need to rush out and try to mow I think before that happens or I may not get another chance!

My server for my job is we cannot even work till that is fixed which was supposed to have occurred last night but has not yet.

SO I am going to be switching my schedule around today I guess and hope the server gets fixed before too long!

This is probably one of the most boring posts ever!


Is something you are incredible at
You seem to do it so well
If you were on my team I'd choose you to bat
Oh the glory days we could then tell

The dexterity you have for keeping everything going
Around and around you with ease
No problems do you ever seem to be showing
Yet you can find it difficult to please

Your eyes remain focused, your determination powerful
Your enthusiasm like that of no other
I have never known you to be even a slight bit boastful
And you're always there for your brother

You impressed me from the very start
I daydreamed about being included
But damn you just keep breaking my heart
When it's so obvious I am deluded

I wonder what I must do to get your attention
To have your eyes turn my way
Some things I should not even have to mention
To make the points I am trying to convey

And to top it all off a grand revelation
Becoming so clear to one and all
My emotions reached a new stagnation
When I realized I'm not even one of your balls

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Monday, June 04, 2007

I am not sure why...but this guy just fascinates me!

Red Devils Food cake or cupcakes

When I was little my grandma used to make red devils food cake a lot and I loved it! She would even let me eat it for breakfast sometimes during the summer when I stayed there for a week or two. I have not had that for YEARS and will NOT be making any or eating any but......I was visiting a few blogs last night and I came across a recipe for red devils food cupcakes with cream cheese frosting...and wonderful PHOTOS!


......and to tempt you to is a glimpse of the finished product!

while can also read a very heartwarming bittersweet Mother's Day post that should remind us all of what is most important. Please remember to take time to let those you love, know it!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

If I Could...

FOR AUDIO version click here IF I COULD

If I could,
I would smooth out all the creases in your brow
And fill in all those gaps in your heart that others have left behind
The holes that have been carelessly placed over time
And those whose precision was engineered from the onset
So even though your heart be pierced
It could come to know and recognize true joy
Happiness and love
So powerful, so fulfilling,
It would be as if it were rebirthed
To start anew, fresh, unscathed
Only ready to receive
Beating to receive
Yearning to receive

If I could,
I would take my hands and ease the load you carry on your back
As well as in your mind
I would remove the worries you fight against each day
And replace them with certainty
I would remove the doubts and fears replaying in your mind
And replace them with security and truth
So even though there be furrows in your thoughts
I could flood them with goodness and love
Till their banks were overflowing
You would become saturated like a sponge
Filled with love
Renewed by love
Empowered by love
Embraced by love

If I could,
I would help you to open your eyes, to see what is already standing before you
Waiting patiently, ready
Wanting only to give you the best,
Everything you have ever desired
I would remove the anxieties
And replace them with loyalty and trust
So you would never have to wonder
Who I belonged to
Who I was made for
Who I am being given to
Who I desire

If I could,
I would open your ears, so you could hear these words
Spoken softly yet deliberately
With much intention and purpose
So your soul would become filled with passion and life
Each fiber tingling with excitement
Of what the future holds
Once we are together
And just when I believe my heart and soul
Could not possibly be filled with more love for you
They are showered upon yet again
Thus they remain perpetually drenched
Overflowing, waiting, to rain upon yours.

Copyright ©2007 man&SippingTheVastSpring

a phone call wakes me up this morning...

and it is some man who immediately started talking like I was who he had meant to call and he said this: "Hey your mom is on her way over and when she gets there have her call me cause I don't know where the crack pot is!"

or "Hey your mom is on her way over and when she gets there have her call me cause I don't know where the crack PIPE is?"

I am not sure. He said CRACK followed by POT or PIPE......not crockpot.....unless he had a weird accent or something.

When I stopped him long enough to take a breath I let him know he had the wrong number. Dead silence on the other end. Then he apologized. I said that was alright......hung up...and turned back over to try to go back to sleep for a bit.

and do cats dying also sometimes occur in threes? In less than 12 hours I have been told by 2 different people their kitties have up and died. Very suddenly and abruptly in their homes. I do know my sister's former cat was not feeling well....will it be #3?