Saturday, March 28, 2015

art from the past........

I did this way back a LONG time in my 20s.........

Friday, March 20, 2015

pretty cool...Warrior Pack Purse

click above for the link...I am not a big fan of carrying a purse but this is pretty cool!

some charcoal and pencil sketches I am working on

 Of course more of Park Hyo favorite South Korean singer.....favorite SINGER actually.....he is amazing
 trying to do some sketches from the wonderful photos taken as part of Letters from Angels to help promote adoption in South Korea - this is Kim Jung-eun
another of Park Hyo shin

I am still working on blending and using charcoal as it is not my favorite medium but since I got these blending is going so much better. These are still pretty rough...but sometimes I leave them like that too...depends on my mood I guess lol

New things for spring???

I don't know....maybe the chocolate marshmallow Peep milk would be okay........but watermelon cupcakes and icing? I am not a huge fan of watermelon so maybe that is one reason this flavor seems a bit questionable to me? Happy 1st day of spring!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

some of my recent charcoal and pencil drawings

 (special order of baby)

Ji Sung playing his role of Shin Se-Gi on the Korean Drama "Kill Me, Heal Me"

this and the next are Ji Chang-Wook playing his role as HEALER on the Korean Drama "Healer"

 G-Dragon - think I might blend and add more detail

 My dad when he was in Japan in the Army back in the 50s

I finally got some blending sticks and wow..what a BIG difference that is making in my artwork. I actually enjoy working with charcoal now....cannot believe I am saying that! NO more messy fingers and hands and least not like before. Now I barely get any on me at all. I am still learning how to blend and buff...but it is coming along!

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

my favorite singer Park Hyo Shin....

Charcoal and pencil sketch of my all-time favorite singer...Park Hyo Shin...I hope and pray I can see him perform live in person one day.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

what happened to January?

I did not realize I have not come by here to post in so long and now it is February 1....cannot believe January is already over!

Tonight is the Superbowl.......we are supposed to get a ton of snow but they keep changing the forecast. We are all stocked up though and do not have to go that is a plus.

I have a turkey roasting in the oven so I will have some protein to eat this week. I made a loaf of Asiago cheese artisan bread the other day...but I decided to add some rosemary to it. Can't say I cared much for that. The house smelled good though. This is one of those easy artisan bread recipes..where you basically just mix the ingredients..NO KNEADING required...let it sit for 8 to 24 hours...and then bake it. It is delicious...a hard, crunchy crust and lots of flavor.

It is Sunday and Sundays always put me in a weird mood...and I thought today might be different but it is hitting me again already. So

Friday, January 02, 2015

A New Year begins.........

Seems the year goes by so fast....and before we have had time to even think back on all that has occurred ...the present year becomes the past. Before I get too busy with just every day activities again I really want to take a few moments to think back on 2014 and everything that has happened before moving headlong into 2015.

But here it is January 2, 2015 already. Things continue on each day regardless of whether we want more time to "reflect." Work for me is quite slow right now and so many changes will be coming for me in the next few years...I have MUCH to think about.

Christmas for me this year almost did not seem like Christmas. I had snippets of moments where it did..but they unfortunately seemed fleeting. While I am  not entirely clear on all the reasons "why" this was the is how it was. Part of me does not want to take down the trees because I almost feel like I have not yet even had a Christmas...even though I know I have. It too has come and passed.

So......I will try this coming weekend on my days off to take down the Christmas decorations and put up the Valentine's Day lights and clings on my windows while still leaving up all my snowman and snowflakes and other winter-themed items.

Sometimes my head is so filled with things it really seems like someone holding a sloshing fishbowl.

I have tried to remain somewhat creative during this time...and have continued working on my Advent Journal, which I will end up actually using then this coming Christmas 2015. Here are just a few pages....and they are not yet finished. I took an old photo album and removed all those sticky clear sheets from the pages and then added my own papers and trimmings.I have not yet added any page numbers or tabs or all the embellishments I want are a few pages so far.