Thursday, September 22, 2016

another finger painting....

just trying to let it go...not worry about the end result....I just started smearing paint around......and kept at it until I liked the shape and could see a face in there. At first I had eyes closed but I swear I saw a face in there with eyes open that really wanted to be seen. This is the end result......

another finger painting

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

assortment of art for Ever After Course mostly........

Goldilocks and the Three Bears lesson taught by Cinnamon Cooney - part of the Ever After Course

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

exercise using limited supplies and techniques...I finger painted this angel and added detail then with pencil

my freestyle exercise

Jack and the Beanstalk lesson taught by Carla Sonheim - part of Ever After Course

Jack and the Beanstalk lesson

daytime Tink (extra lesson taught by Tamara LaPorte) Ever After course

daytime Tink

Blob art exercise

Blob art exercise

left/right hand exercise using pen

left/right hand exercise

nighttime Tink

nighttime TINK

Sunday, September 04, 2016

more Jay Park artwork......

Since I seem to have developed a Jay Park brain lately.....I have been working on some more artwork of him using techniques I am currently studying in an art course I have been taking.

This was the first colored painting I have ever done of Jay Park. I wanted to try a technique using shades of black, grays and go all the way up to whites.....which I still cannot do very well. I then added color to the background. This is very hard for me for some I am going to have to keep practicing this to try and improve.

Jay Park

I had done the following sketch of JP some time back with graphite and charcoal but felt it was not that I then took pics of it with my camera and changed tint settings...I like the color tinted version I think better

Jay Park

Jay Park

I really liked working on this last piece....I basically did a sketch with graphite pencil and added a watercolor crayon base in yellow....followed by staining with red iron oxide.......and then adding the how it turned out

Jay Park

Sunday, August 28, 2016

some more art from Ever After art course and my own artwork using some of the techniques I am learning

Red Riding Hood -lesson by Micki Wilde

Red Riding Hood was a lesson taught by Micki Wilde in the Ever After art course I am can find the link on my side bar if you are interested in  signing up!

MY version of Mad Hatter using techniques I am learning in the Ever After art course (this is not part of the course but just art I was inspired to create)

my version of the Mad Hatter

My version of Queen of Hearts (these are not part of the course..just extra art I was inspired to do)

my version of Queen of Hearts

my version of Beauty and the Beast...perhaps a bit Disneyish

my version of Beauty and Beast

The Handless Maiden -art lesson taught by Galia Alena

Handless Maiden -taught by Galia Alena

Sunday, August 14, 2016

More artwork for Ever After art course

This past week I worked on the art lesson taught by Jane Davenport for the Ever After art course I am we did an exercise sketch and then a couple more....of Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty.....front view and more of a side view. I also did my version my style painting of Snow White..though it feels I may be adding something else to it down the road. 

Final assignment-Maleficent Sleeping Beauty

sketchercise for Maleficent and Beauty

My version of Snow White

Maleficent-Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent-Sleeping Beauty