Saturday, July 24, 2010

Full Moon Dreamboards, July, The Full Buck Moon

The FULL BUCK moon. We were asked to focus on our dreams and desires we have yet to attain. I am focusing right now on organizing my home and finishing projects around here. I am not sure why I picked some of the images I did. I am sure the more I reflect on them the more they will reveal to me. I know the bricks probably represent the ORDER and FOUNDATION I need to build house on. I have boxes here neeeding upacked and put away. I need huge amounts of ORDER in my home right now. I think the slinky represents being able to remain sometimes I can go forward only to find I end up right back where I started. BUT once I get going I can accomplish and lot and move a greater distance with momentum! The child and chalk drawings are there to probably remind me to remain as childlike as possible. NOT to take all this work I have to do so seriously all the ENJOY the little pleasures in life as I go along and never be too busy to do so! The phrases I picked I just happen to like. Same for the image of the face and eyes in the background. The moon I love....and the little black ink drawing I found amusing and cute. Something I would probably doodle. It reminds me when I feel like screaming because I am so overwhelmed. It sorta reminds me to not take it too seriously and to laugh instead of scream!

It does all tie together the more I look at it. What were your dreams?

Vintage Vacation Swap....

for my partner I wanted to alter a small vintage overnight bag..and put things inside it that would remind her of retro summer vacations. I found a great bag at Webb's Antique Mall in Centerville, Indiana. I used old postcards and images from vintage summers...and Mod Podged them on the outside and inside of the trunk. I forgot I wanted to add some embellishments and words on the outside and inside. HOW I completely forgot that escapes me now but things have been hectic. SO this small revamped case looks a little more bare than my usual ones. I was going to add some summer phrases and stickers and embellishments...I have them here. I totally forgot. SORRY JULIE! I hope you liked it regardless.

Inside I put 2 small glass rootbeer we always would go to the drive in rootbeer stands in the summer. I added lots of images of camping and swimming and fireflies and the drive-in, fairs/carnivals. I put a carmel corn scented candle inside because it reminds me of the Kettle Korn you always smell popping at the fair! I also added some summer retro flower costers....a couple of handmade picnic baggies....and another handmade bag with old retro unused postcards inside from summer vacations (again from Webb's Antique Mall). I found a cool SUMMER VACATION book (also from Webb's Antique Mall) and some wonderful seaside plates and magnet. Summer vacations would not be the same without adding in some salt water taffy and coconut body cream. I also added a CD of ocean sounds and put some blue glass chips and sand and shells inside a glass jar. I also enclosed a make your own calendar kit to count down the days till your next vacation!

I hope you enjoy it all Julie and it reminds you of summertime vacation fun! I figured you could put anything in the overnight bag you want or just summer momentos...and then anytime you get it out and open it up you will be reminded of your summer fun! OR you could put in stationary and envelopes...small craft supplies...really anything you want.