Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ice, ice baby......

we have so much ice everywhere.....when you walk on the snow that is on the ground you walk on TOP of it. It is icy shell over the snow beneath it.

My mailbox was even iced shut.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Deck of Me Week 6 - What's Your Junk

what's INSIDE!

Deck of Me Week 6 - What's Your Junk?

I found it ironic that we were asked to use only our junk mail to do this project.

MY problem area lies in PILES of papers. I tend to accumulate catalogs and school papers and papers I need to sift through, bills, etc....and while I organize them...before I know it I have MANY piles or stacks all around that need to be take care of. I sometimes feel I am surrounded by the stuff and drowning in a pool of papers, catalogs, to-do lists, etc. I love all of it, but have to learn to address ANY mail coming into my home immediately, sort it, dump some of it, and be realistic about the fact that some of it I may never get to or look at, so they really need to be dumped too. I also have problems tossing magazines.....or catalogs. Especially magazines with recipes or photographs.

SO my JUNK that can make me feel overwhelmed from time to time and never fully TOGETHER.......would be an overflow of incoming papers/mail/catalogs...while I can keep ahead for awhile....the piles always seem to multiply faster than rabbits having babies!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

be careful about offering up too much helpful information on your taxes....or there could be a delay!

Yeah....I figured entering the additional 4-digit zip code extension for one of my forms would be cost me ONE FREAKIN' week in time because the IRS spit my e-filed taxes right back at me. Can you believe that? It did not accept it but wanted me to CORRECT the zip code by REMOVING the additional 4-digit extension!

SO I did......lost 1 week. SO much for filing super early. it is filed again.

I AM thankful that was the ONLY reason I had this little hiccup. It could have been much worse!

I just wish they had not taken the entire week to let me know this silly thing.

holy crap.

went to bed with a half migraine......

and woke up with about 3/4 of one. I knew I should have taken something before bedtime. is weird. Even though my head is pounding....I find I can sometimes do my best SIT down work when I have a migraine. SO I try to work through it. I can't do too much physically because the movement makes my head pound more and I get more nauseated......but.....sitting I can accomplish a lot. IF my eyes do not get too weirded out I can write pretty well during these times. AND work well. SO.....guess what I will be doing this morning?

SUPER SUPER WINDY here....could explain part of the reason why I dreamed about tornadoes last night. SO did Noah. Actually my dreams about those were this morning.

Lots to do and no time to really chit chat. Maybe some later.