Sunday, January 07, 2007

strange lights

I went to my sister's house Saturday and took some pictures while there...and I always get some strange lights that show up.

One picture is of Melissa with some lights that we thought were being reflected off an object beside her on an end table......but when I took the picture of her tree a few seconds later I noticed this same "reflection" that had been beside her stretching up clear to the top left of the picture of the looks almost like a bony arm and fingers coming you see it?

Now grant it this time I was playing around with the camera.....unintentionally. I snapped the one of Melissa not seeing the reflection when I took the picture. The tree I took on the NIGHT SCENERY setting and if you move while it is processing it will swirl the lights on the tree. However...what is the white light in the top left of the picture? Here is a bigger black and white version done in negative......reminds you of an x-ray

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and this one looks like MUSIC NOTES
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and this one like little cars or telephones attached to their cords
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grnidlady said...

very cool effects you got there! recently i got a couple of interesting shots with orbs in them. some people believe they are spirits or some kind of energy that the eye can't see but the camera does.

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

yes I have gotten some lately of orbs too

bryan obliveon aka alchemistofsorrows said...

i always enjoy pictures..especially if I'm not in them..

BabyGirl said...

how awesome, I do believe as lizzie said about the spirits in the photos. I go thru pics and look for them all the time. It's cool.

Melissa said...

I don't mind if the spirits are happy ones! hahaha I've never felt anything negative or bad in the house as I have in the old house I lived in. Freaky Melinda....thanks for making me freak a bit. Thank goodness I was looking at this in the morning and not late at night!

Melissa said...

There was a gold framed photo sitting next to me facing right at you when you took the photo too...I don't know, you're freaking me out so I had to survey what was sitting over there! I think that was also the area that a fireplace years ago used to be at.

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

sorry melissa......did not mean to make you feel weirded out!