Friday, May 11, 2007


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oh oh oh...

My eyes first fell on him just goofin' around
What struck me second was he was such a clown
He soon affected me so much more passionately
Cause he was oh oh oh, so good, yes oh so good.

He took to me and tossed his number my way
He sweetly begged me to come out and play
And he began to tease but was so quick to please
Cause he was oh oh oh, so good, yes oh so good.

This baby of mine
Baby of mine
He drives me crazy with intense desire
Makes me hot enough my palms perspire

I called him up we got to foolin' around
Now it's hard we find to put that phone down
He loves so expertly and so fucktastically
Cause he is oh oh oh so good, yeah oh so good

He sends me to the edge to linger awhile
Then drives just deep enough to make me smile
He fills my wants and needs with all of his good deeds
Cause he is oh oh oh so good, yeah oh so good

This baby of mine
Baby of mine
He loves me like no other man ever could
He moves his body just the way that he should

Now we are together and so happy you see
Never apart is how we want to be
We lie down not to rise unless the other one dies
Cause he is oh oh oh the best, yeah oh the best.

This baby of mine
Baby of mine
He holds the keys to what can drive me insane
No other living man could do the same

Forever together is just how we will be
We may get older yet so faithfully
We'll love each other more, closing that bedroom door
Cause we are oh oh oh so good, yeah oh so good.

Copyright ©2007 Melinda A. Napoletano

Thursday, May 10, 2007

okay....mood is maybe a bit better...

I don't even know anymore. Does it really matter?

Mother's Day is fast approaching. I am in charge of the chicken we will be grilling out. I need to go pick up some and make the marinade on Saturday so it can saturate overnight though I have been told it only takes a couple of hours. I think late Saturday and then overnight would make it even better.

I will also do some cupcakes. Something nice......I am in the mood to decorate a cake but nothing big so the cupcakes will be fun. Maybe Noah can even help me with them. EVERYONE loves cupcakes.

I will probably have to mow tomorrow....and this time I will likely be donning a mask and gear so I won't have any allergic symptoms afterwards. Then Mother's Day shopping with Noah. AND he really wants to see his Grandma C. again. SO who knows. I have work to do as well.

The secret of you know what it is for you?

in a pissy mood

so what can I say
hope you have a fucking good day


She gets the rump roast, he your best steak
Hell that leaves me with one fucking ache
It started out grand, too exceptional for words
Now all I'm getting are scraps like the birds

You take time for your work and time for a nap
But you leave me feeling like one piece of crap
You tell me you'll call as soon as you're done
When you don't, I certainly don't feel like your hon

You're obsessed with much and most that you do
But for some fucking reason you don't have a clue
Serving filet mignon to the masses at hand
Tossing scraps my way that are actually quite bland

Making excuses you're good at cause I've heard so many
If your words were a fountain I'd toss you a penny
Could be a reason you're still just a single
With your priorities all whacked, it won't cause me to tingle

I see you here and there all around the place
But rarely do we come face-to-face
I guess you are just being stretched way too thin
Ain't none of this however, making me grin

Lying around like your bitch in heat
Lunging for scraps you toss at your feet
Perpetually I wait for my master's pats
Damn, now I know why you've only had cats

Getting up at night to take your piss
Would be a perfect time to make up for my diss
But instead you make your rounds and prance
Yet you dont give me one second glance

So available I've made myself just for you
But once again you've got no fucking clue
Maybe space is what you need to figure it out
Maybe some time will eliminate all of your doubt

You make me feel like I ask for so much
When all I really want is your silly touch
How secretly giddy that must make you feel
But hell I need more than just scraps, I'd like a meal

Copyright ©2007 Melinda A. Napoletano

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

touching you...

I dream of it perpetually
Closing my eyes to clearly see
Your hands touching me

Starting at my face and lips
Tenderly tracing a trail down my trunk
With only your fingertips

Moving across my hips, then between my thighs
Frantically flicking your fingers to match
The beating wings of the butterflies

Present within my stomach
Placed there by your mere presence
Filling me with constant ache

And longing to have my hands
Reach out and touch your skin
To feel its heat like a brand

Searing my flesh with each caress
As I pull you in tightly against my breast.

Copyright ©2007 Melinda A. Napoletano
Image Source: Yahoo Images

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Monday blahs on a Tuesday...

I guess. I feel sort of blah. I know I did not sleep all that well last night. AND I mowed Monday and did not wear a now I feel like I am fighting off something. That is twice I have mowed now without a mask and I really stirred up the dandelions and weeds while mowing yesterday.

I should have returned an overdue library book today. I just am not in the mood. TODAY I have little energy. I got up earlier than usual and still worked out. I worked. Unfortunately that has been about the extent of my day. I did some writing.

wow....I can barely contain all the excitement.