Wednesday, January 18, 2012

my little red heart lights at night...

homemade GIANT cloverleaf hot rolls! YUM!

January 2012 Full Moon Dreamboard - The Full Wolf Moon

I think you can say I am tired of pussy-footing around and am ready to grab it for all its worth! Time to take a big bite out of that pie in the sky....what have I been waiting for anyway?

I did this the night before the full moon sitting at my table using an old piece of cardboard. When I heard it was the full wolf moon this month this was the image that kept coming to mind. SO I decided to sketch it out fast before I fogot it. Not supposed to look real or anything...just what I saw in my head. I do notice sometimes I tend to "attack" my dreamboards...not sure why because usually then I have NO energy to actually CARRY out the things ON my board. lol it is anyway. I just have not had time to upload it till tonight.