Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lee Dong Wook as the Grim Reaper from the Korean drama The Goblin - 2nd portrait attempt using Olga Furman's methods from class

Lee Dong Wook - as the Grim Reaper from The Goblin

well I wanted to try a man for my 2nd attempt at the charcoal portrait using Olga's methods......and really wanted to do Lee Dong Wook from the Korean drama The Goblin..he plays the grim reaper.....and he turned out pretty close white charcoal is pretty bad and tends to scratch the surface more than blend or flow onto it like regular charcoal pencils so not sure why that is the case but I cannot really add white with it it seems or it goes overboard and then won't blend in well. I may have to upgrade. This guy is so yummy and I wanted to catch all his I think I am calling this done even though it is not exactly the way I want it.