Friday, April 20, 2007

Crazy-Ass Love...

I'm in crazy-ass love
Have you been there too?
Talking on the phone
Till your ear turns blue
Never hearing enough
Of an "I Love You!"
Coming from your lover's lips

Getting through each day
In a minimal way
With thoughts of your lover
Makin' you wanna play
Under the covers all night until next day
When the process begins again?

Every day doing your best
To focus on the rest
Makes you soon realize
You are failing this test
So you give up the quest
Becoming thankful to be blessed
With such a powerful encompassing love

You can't eat, drink or sleep
Being apart just makes you weep
So you lie there counting sheep
In the dark
If you could jump into their skin
It would only make you grin
And make you thankful they're not kin
Because you crave them

All the time it's never enough
Going without is too damn tough
You would rather huff and puff
Right there beside them
So you give in to all the emotion
Of your lover's secret potion
And begin the law of motion
On this joyride

Clinging tightly like a mother
Makes you glad he's not your brother
As you begin to move each other
To and fro
I can only think of this
Such resounding perpetual bliss
It makes me wanna kiss
You forever

So eternity here we come
I don't care if it sounds dumb
It makes me wanna hum
A song of joy
As all this comes to pass
Anyone else can kiss my ass
My life is such a gas
Cause I'm in love ...
Crazy-ass love

Copyright ©2007 Melinda A. Napoletano
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Thursday, April 19, 2007

what day is it?? I have lost all track of time this week.

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oh yeah...Thursday! Well Noah is feeling much better after being sick for a couple of days. I think it was mostly allergy symptoms and crap in the air and sinuses. He never had this in Colorado....and neither did I.

I decided instead of me trying to mow the yard today I would pay the Reverend Wynn to come mow it. Same price as last worries from me. Even takes a check. SO I called him up.....he came over and the yard has been mowed. I was really hoping that his mower would cut off all my dandelions in the yard as my yard is starting to resemble more of a wildflower field.....but it did not. They are all still there. In fact I swear there are more now than before! Oh well. I know they won't last forever and it adds a dash of color to all that green!

I have no worries now about stirring up allergy symptoms in myself. If I had mowed I would have had to wear a mask over my nose and mouth and my sunglasses....complete long-sleeves and gloves......if I do that....even in the middle of summer...I find I have no reaction to cutting my grass. IF I DO NOT.....I get a horrible sinus headache and allergy symptoms. SO>>>>>>>I dress like a fool in the heat and protect myself. I actually don't mind as I mow pretty early before it ever gets too hot and come in and shower to cool off...the mask I am used to. I imagine the neighbors wonder about me but so what. I don't think they have seen an exposed area of my body since I have lived here yet and I am not about to start now! If covering me up and protecting my nose helps me avoid sinus symptoms I will do it!

I just had a nice steamy shower and am ready for some dinner. I think I will grill some chicken and have a plate of salad greens. Sounds YUMMY! I need to try to get some work done. I have had a very hard time focusing lately. I think that is a recurring pattern for me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I love you...

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When I hear you whisper
"I love you"
Into my ear, in the middle of the night
It goes straight to the core of my being
The very center of my heart
Is filled with orgasmic bliss all its own
Which pulsates with each breath I take
It fills me up and overflows, consuming my body
Making me flushed all over
Connecting me to you with the divine
With both love and lust at its ultimate
The way it was intended to be
I feel eternity, all swooped up into one ball of electricity
Coursing through my veins
It shoots out my fingertips
My eyes, my mouth, my breath
And falls back down upon us
Like a shower of a million stars
Smacking us with hot, passionate kisses
Igniting the fire of our separate souls
Fanning the flames
Leaving us smoldering as one

Copyright ©2007 Melinda A. Napoletano
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oh please... (Dr. Seuss-like)

Oh please oh please

Won't you be my main squeeze

I like you more than cheese

I get weak in the knees

You can do as you please

But I hope you don't freeze

Or fly away like some bees

Over there to those trees

Cause you might catch a breeze

Which might make you sneeze

Or worse yet you'll get fleas

I don't want to be a sleaze

But I'm begging you please

Unlock my heart with your keys

And don't be such a tease

Copyright ©2007 Melinda A. Napoletano
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Troy the Action Toy...

Troy the Action Toy
So much more than any boy
Bringing hours of endless joy
For me alone

In my room he comes to play
Making hours turn into days
I can mold him just like clay
I adore him

Stand him up or sit him down
There are times he's such a clown
I can never wear a frown
When I'm around him

But he really rocks my world
And he keeps my toes so curled
That my heart feels it's been hurled
And makes me love him

Even more than I did before
As I end up on the floor
Damn it's hard to keep a score
I know I want him

All the time day or night
Cause he brings me such delight
I don't want to lose my sight
Of him beside me

So I get down on my knees
As I beg him pretty please
And mumble "Oh my god!" in threes
To him alone

He's the best of toys found anywhere
No one could ever think or dare
To get away with so much as a glare
When he's beside me

His attachments are superior
They even make me cheerier
My life is much less drearier
And I love him

It's me and him against them all
He can stand up oh so tall
Ready to fight in any brawl
To defend my honor

Better than GI-JO on any day
He makes me wanna play and play
Oh how he takes my breath away
Troy, my action toy

Copyright ©2007 Melinda A. Napoletano