Monday, March 17, 2003

RAINING cats and dogs outside.Getting colder too! I think we may be in for it this time round. WE are overdue and really could use any moisture we can get so we are not really complaining! If this were snow right now it would be unreal It already IS snowing in the mountains and foothills...

I could go to bed right now and sleep! I am so tired for some reason. I need to try to get my bills and paperwork done tonight and mailed out if I can. They have to be mailed out. None reall overdue...but I like to mail them early or definitely ON TIME.

The wind is slowly picking up. My windchimes are chiming more. I may have to take that one down later tonight.

Noah is eating pizza warmed up for his supper and playing his roller coaster game on the other computer. This keyboard is starting to mess up..will have to replace it soon.

Anyway....we did replace our windshield a week or so ago. A nice rock flew into it while Keith was driving to work. Made a HUGE crack. Had to replace it. So...a new windshield. Keith has been buying a lot for us lately. He bought me a carpet a new gas grill...and paid for the windshield for the car.....etc. Next is a tv...he wants to get a 25 or 27 inch one.

Okay. I am tired...want to finish doing a couple of things...put my jammies BACK on and do bills or sleep and do them later. Somehow however I doubt that will I better do it first. I DID make it to my meeting at work today. Will have to attend a few more this year. Also need to complete my manual for work. I REALLY need to do that. It was due in Jan....not mandatory but I would like to have it done before APRIL.

Okay..bye for now.
Well..been nice weather lately that is for sure. Been grilling out nearly every day...been in the mid to upper 70s each day. Windows open..doors open. Nice!! In for a HUGE change this week though. Raining already. They are calling for a winter storm warning already. Supposed to be blizzard-like conditions soon...starting tonight with accumulation by Thursday morning 1 to 3 FEET of snow with winds gusting over 40 MPH! I hope Keith has enough sense to stay home if the weather gets too bad. I think at my work there would be so many cancellations I would probably end up taking a few days off myself if I can. I have more than enough vacation time on hand.

Anyway.....been super grumpy lately. Not sure what my problem is. Keith is a pain in the butt too. He is strange acting. Maybe I am rubbing off on him. I doubt I am very pleasant to be around some times. I am obviously going through "the change"...or beginnings of it anyway. JOY JOY for everyone huh?

Noah is on spring break this week from PRESCHOOL...can you imagine that? They are planning a field trip for his class next month. I guess I will go along if I let him go. Sounds like it could be fun.

I have fresh coffee wonderful Village Candles Peanut Butter Cookie..smells so good! I have a new brand of candl lit too..Guild House...maple scent. ANOTHER winner. ALL smell wonderful so this room now smells super super good!. My blinds are open and I am looking out at the rain...something we have not seen for a long time with this drought! Course SUNNY Colorado does not have many cloudy days anyway...we have sunshine over 300 days per year!!

Well...due to run down to work for a meeting today. GUESS I will try making it. Another one on Friday. HAVE to try to get to that one too. I guess the weather may change things..never know.I would personally rather just stay here in my jammies!!!

Okay..need to get back to it.

More later