Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sock Monkey snowglobes...make me happy!

Full Moon Dreamboards - THE FULL WOLF MOON - January 30, 2010


"The Full Wolf Moon starts us off powerfully for 2010! This is the time when the wolves howl. They howl their yearnings. They howl their desires. They howl to connect with one another and to say “I am here!”

What are you seeking under this full moon, at the beginning of this new year, as you launch into this new decade? What is your heart yearning for? What is stirring in your heart and soul? What is ready to come into your life, here under the full moon? Howl your desire. We will hear you!"

What came to mind for me was FREEDOM! I am SCREAMING FREEDOM! Freedom from debt...freedom from my disorganization in my home....freedom from stress and worry, doubts and fear, freedom from living paycheck to paycheck or even less, freedom from the physical bondage I hide my soul under, freedom from procrastination, freedom from waiting around to live my life NOW, freedom to be who I truly am supposed to be!

My "howls" are so loud I can no longer silence their cries. I hear them ringing in my ears constantly!.

What are you screaming for? Wanna see more full moon dreamboards or participate? Follow the link above!

Our Road Trip....

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