Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dancing With the Stars stars can also sing! AND VERY WELL!!

I knew Julianne Hough had a singing career she was starting and she sings so well. I really like her...she is gorgeous....can dance AND sing....all very well. This is one my favorites of her songs:

BUT apparently her brother Derek Hough and Mark Ballas also from Dancing With the Stars can both sing as well and have their own band.....their new CD came out March 10 and it is really really good.

GO HERE to listen to the entire album for free:


I like to color.......

nothing used to make me happier than getting a brand new coloring book and crayons....and then after smelling the pages in the new coloring book...and smelling the box of crayons.....spending time coloring. I love to color. Even today as an adult. I find it very soothing. There is just something about it.

When was the last time you colored?

And I am the oddball I guess....because while I am looking forward to spring...I actually am hoping it will stay colder a little longer and snow some more or we get some nice thunderstorms and rain!

Also....I am very comfortable in my winter coat and not quite ready to give it up and put it back in the closet till later this year. Okay....I would not mind wearing it year round. See.....I told you I was odd. I feel absolutely naked without my coat on. BY the time I is time to start wearing it again!