Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bundt pan pizza.....

 I have seen versions of this recipe all over the place. It always looked good. I decided I would try a version of it tonight. This was not homemade crust or refrigerator biscuit dough. I used JIFFY pizza mix...1 box. Recipe to follow:

1 box Jiffy Pizza Mix (mix according to directions and set aside)
I used ONE 1/3 pound turkey burger (just precooked in the microwave but you could substitute any meat you want)
I chopped up onion and red/yellow sweet peppers....mixed that together with the crumbled turkey meat. Added pizza seasonings.

I greased the bundt pan with cooking spray ..but you can use olive oil. I dropped dabs of pizza dough all along the inside bottom of the pan, NOT using all the dough and saving a few dollops for the top. I then sprinkled the meat/onion/pepper mixture over the top of the dough already in the pan. I then added some feta cheese, some mixed cheeses including Parmesan and cheddar and pizza cheese mix. Then I put some pepperoni on top of that. MOST ALL recipes like this do not call for any sauce in it as you are to DIP the bread mixture into sauce but I DID add some sauce. I just dropped some large Tablespoonfuls about every 2-3 inches on top of that pepperoni.

Then I sprinkled some more cheese on top. I actually did not use much cheese even though it sounds like a lot. I also did not use much sauce...just maybe 6 Tablespoons.

Then I took the tiny remaining bits of dough and added some more dollops on top...not many as not much dough was left. I again just took a tiny bit of cheese on top..and sprayed it with some butter spray.

I baked it at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes..then turned the oven down to 365 degrees. I baked it till it just started to turn brown and you could smell it. Wow the house smells good. I did not think it was done but it actually was. I never did turn it upside down and dump it out. I just scooped some out onto a serving plate. I did NOT add any additional sauce or anything else and was DELICIOUS! SO good in fact I may just make this in the future instead of regular pizza. It was quick and easy. Ended up with 1 pan to clean. Lots of leftovers.

Now using the Jiffy Mix this does not make a lot and it will not rise real high like some of those photos you see. This is enough for 2-3 people probably.....but doubtful it would serve too many....maybe 4 if you also have a salad or something else with it. Anyway....this was my version....and it was just excellent. I will definitely make it again. I tended to make a small version because it is just me eating it......and now I have leftovers for more meals.

Actually it would be enough for 4 people....doubtful for 6 but 4 would work. 

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