Monday, February 02, 2009

what I sent to my Vintage Valentine Swap Partner.....

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My Deck of Me SUPER Give-A-Way prize from Dianna! THANKS DIANNA!


Dianna you outdid yourself.....this was stunning!   Such a creative piece of work and I will be hanging this up to see it every day!


So many craft goodies....a complete box of stamps....stickers........wonderful things!   I can make a lot of creative things with all these treats!


I LOVE Alice in Wonderland and this version........and this is exactly the attitude I have!!  This will also be hung on my wall so I can see it every day....or my visualization  BOARD!

My Vintage Valentine swap is what was inside....THANKS JAN!






I can't's Ground Hog Day!

I have not been able to sleep well this entire past week. My cat chooses to get into things in the middle of the night now which does not help. Just when I start to sleep well he gets into I have decided from now on he will just have to go into his carrier at bedtime. At least I don't have to worry about him attacking me (which he rarely does now when I am asleep at least) or him getting into things.

Before I went to bed to try to sleep I was able to watch Groundhog Day. I enjoy the movie but could not really get into it tonight.

I guess I am still thinking about all the crap the neighbor woman of my grandma's had to say to me about Joe and staying off her property...something. Who knows.....(see post below).

SO now I can't sleep. Here I sit at 2:06 a.m. tired but not able to fall asleep. Even with the cat in the carrier. This will mean I will be toast tomorrow...which is not good as I had a lot planned.


Sunday, February 01, 2009

I just finished watching the Superbowl......what a load of crap!

The Cardinals should have won. Talk about they got a lot of them.....did not help them at all. BUT the last so-called touch down for the Pittsburgh Steelers was not a touchdown as BOTH feet of the receiver was NOT down at the same time. His right foot's toes were touching the backside of his left foot which did have the toes down...but that was it. It hid the fact that both of his feet were not down and touching the ground. They gave him the touchdown and hence they won. I wanted the Cardinals to win......their defense is amazing.....and the Steelers have been in the Superbowl and won 6 times now. It would have been great to see the Cardinals win.

So that has me in a semi-pissy mood.

AND Joe's so-called "owner" (the dog that lives next to my grandma) confronted me today. I went to see my grandma and stopped by to say hello to Joe like I always do. I took him 2 dog treats...went back to my car to get my stuff to take into grandma's house.....and here came the neighbor lady. She was yelling to me to stay off her property. Since I could not HEAR her too well as she was trying to walk away from me as she said it (I guess she was afraid of a confrontation)...I walked TOWARDS her to ask her what she said. She said it stay off her property and quit FEEDING her dog. I told her I was in the alley.....NOT her property.....and she quickly went into a tirade of how someone was "harassing" them about their dog Joe....and how the Humane Society had been out many times....and how JOE was THEIR BABY and they LOVED HIM and rescued him from the dog pound years ago....on and on.......and of course I said "well to me it sure does not look like you LOVE the dog" and she tried to say I was the one making the complaints about Joe and I told her ANYONE LIVING around her could easily SEE the conditions Joe lived in and to everyone it APPEARED she did not love him much because of the way they did not seem to pay any attention to him let alone take care of him.....etc. So she then accused me of talking to HER neighbors.....and all this other crap. My head hurts too much now to even relay it all here ...and it is worthless chatter anyway since nothing will ever be done about the poor dog Joe.

I told her to clean up the dog poop in the pen. She said that was THEIR business if they cleaned up the dog poop or not....and that it was DOG POOP (which she screamed at me)...and they did not HAVE to clean it up. Joe supposedly is at one end of the pen she said and the other end is the end filled with dog poop. Yeah this is a lie since I have pics of him EATING even in the dog poop areas and walking around in it....but for some reason UNKNOWN to the humanity of mankind she refuses to clean up the dog poop or even have her husband do it...saying it is not something she feels they have to do. ???????

She said that they have a heated water dish for Joe......feed him....take him to the vet.....put him in the garage every night (IN A CAGE!) and that he is healthy and well taken care of and loved....blah blah blah.

HUM......I told her perhaps it was his LIVING conditions someone was upset it appeared horrible. NO poop ever being cleaned proper place for Joe to sleep or walk around in.....too small an area for such a big dog.....etc.

so she basically ended the conversation telling me to tell all my relatives to stay away from JOE and her property......and I told her she did not own the alley I was in......but she said to stay away from their dog and property or they would call the police.

Yeah.....bring it on you lying bitch.

Sorry.....but she just messed with the wrong person on this matter.

If she thinks for one minute I will let up on the COMPLAINTS about Joe if I see anything amiss over there....she is sadly mistaken.

Watch this clip and you tell me........what do you think about the conditions this dog lives in????

Click here to watch 'neglect-of-a-petpoor-Joe'

and to top it all off....I realized yesterday that homemade chicken pot pie along with my homemade turkey pot pie are 2 foods to add to my list of items I cannot seem to control eating......or stop eating if they are in my wonderful.

Nothing like eating almost an entire chicken pot pie myself. I was determined to save ONE piece at least to take to my grandma's house as the prior turkey pot pies NEVER made it anywhere other than in my mouth and belly. Well I DID save one piece....and it did make it to her house......but NOT eating that one piece was the hardest thing! I wanted to eat it too.....and I wanted to come home and make ANOTHER chicken pot pie to eat which I DID NOT because I KNOW I would have eaten at least HALF before the night was over.

What is wrong with me? WHY can I not stop eating certain foods still at this point in my life? This is insanity at its best......


Tomorrow is Ground Hog day......I hope I sleep better tonight than I have all week. ALL I wanted to do today was sleep...but I did actually accomplish a little more than that.....but not much.

I am off tomorrow so I will open my Vintage Valentine Swap present then......I should work in this is depressing with all the crap piled around me.

I DID do my taxes on Saturday evening and filed them and I will be getting back a nice sum of money so that makes me feel blessed.

meanwhile my head is reeling from everything else......