Saturday, February 01, 2003

Well...another shuttle has exploded. This one was coming in for a landing and something went wrong. They so far do not believe this was terrorist related...but I guess we will find out more later. 7 people gone....just so hard to believe. Everything was going well and nothing like this was expected. God be with all those families involved and offer them comfort and peace.

Went into work last night. Picked up tapes to do here at home this weekend. Will only have about 4 left to do after I finish this tape I am currently working on. Our weather is supposed to be changing drastically. To be in the 70s today and then snow for like the next week. We will see. We desperately need some moisture but every time they call for it we seem to not get it or not as much. I did not want to go into work however on Sunday if we were going to get snow so that is why I went in last night.

All well today so far. My head feels better though the headache is not completely gone. MUCH better though than yesterday. I did manage to do all the laundry yesterday including all our pillows. They fluffed up very nice!

Super windy again today. Gusts have been blowing semi trucks off the highway it has been so windy.

Well..need to finish this tape. More later


Friday, January 31, 2003

Well..had a kidney stone attack yesterday. I think it finally moved around to come on down thank the LORD!! Today I am fighting as migraine headache. Noah ate too much last night before going to bed I think. About 10:30 p.m. he woke up turn on his side and burped....he then burped some more and next thing I knew he PUKED. He had a grilled cheese sandwich for supper and a few chips. He also had some peaches...and then he wanted more grilled cheese or toast. I gave him 2 pieces of toast with butter. He then asked for more. I made him wait but 30 minutes later he still asked for more. So I made him 2 more pieces. He gets spells like this and we think he is going through a growth spurt. So was about another 45 minutes or so and we went to bed. He acted fine and no other symptoms or problems. He does have some GE reflux symptoms so when he sat up in bed to cough/ made him then puke up mostly brownish liquid...stuff you normally see when someone has reflux. Anyway....he was fine after that but I had to change all the sheets......pillows...and clean it all up. IS SO much easier to do now with a washer and dryer right up here. I had clean sheets on the bed and everything in the washer by 11:00 or so. I had him back down and tucked in and he fell asleep and did not budge he was sleeping so well. Wish I could have said the same. I may as well have went on into work to pick up tapes...but I had really had no sleep so I decided to wait as I thought I might change my schedule this week anyway. They are calling for a snow shower or snow freezing rain mix on Sunday night to Monday morning. If so I would not want to run down to the hospital then if I don't have to. SO..that would mean either running down tonight (Friday) or tomorrow (Sat) to avoid that. Which meant I could really pick up Thursday's stuff at the same time and rest. So I did. Then woke up with a migraine. SO...who knows.

Nice and sunny again today. Supposed to be a break in the weather and more snow and seasonal temps starting next week I guess. We will see.

Noah is such as sweetie pie. Such a personality of his own is wonderful. He talks more and more all the time sweet!! Last night he gave me a pillow and told me to go to sleep (so he could stay up and play on the computer I guess) and I told him "I don't think so!" Which made him laugh and he kept repeating it. He is too funny.

Well...I still have some cleaning and organizing to do here at home but I have been too tired or not feeling all that well with little sleep this week. I have had a hard time sleeping for some reason. And between a kidney stone attack, lack of sleep and now a migraine ...that cuts out 3 weekdays right there. Excuses huh?

Well..I better sign off for now. I will hopefully write something more interesting later.

Never dreamed you could love or care for a child as much as I do Noah..until I had Noah.