Friday, July 13, 2007

Santa goofing off singing.......I ate the mic on the last HURRY so turn down the speakers toward the end!

does anyone remember the scene from the movie "The Birds" ....

where the birds all fly up and land on the playground equipment as Melanie is waiting for Cathy to get out of school?

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Well...we have a lot of birds in the evenings that chatter and carry on and flock in the trees so sounds just like from that movie......AND the last couple nights when I walk out front......the birds start to fly from the trees and fill up the neighbor's tv is a shot of is rather spooky! I half expect them to start swooping me and I will be running down the street with a blackbird hanging on my back pecking my neck while I am screaming!

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-13

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

AN AMAZING link I got on another blogging community I wanted to share here....

Visual DNA - test your personality DNA and compare with others you know......this is very accurate and a lot of fun to do!


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In heat...

Back and forth I pace

Like a caged animal

Seeing you on the other side of the bars

Wanting to get to you

Yet unable to slip thru

My body slinks past yours

Ushering arousal with my scent

My eyes meet yours

As I lick my lips

I move closer

Anticipating you reaching out

Slipping your hand under there

Pulling me closer to you

Our bodies so hot

I swear I see steam rising when they meet

Your breath hot on my cheeks

Your kisses stinging my mouth

Your tongue driving me wild with passion

Nothing else satisfies

I can think of nothing else

I want only you

Copyright ©2007 man&SippingTheVastSpring
Image Source: Luis Royo Flight's Prelude

Monday, July 09, 2007

nature's bounty...

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Is what I want to hear

Ah... ah... ah... ah...

Am I making it very clear?

Ah... ah... ah... ah...

Send me screaming off the bed

Ah...ah... ah... ah...

Spilling out from inside my head

Ah... ah... ah... ah...

I want you on the floor

Ah... ah... ah... ah...

Coming in or out the door

Ah... ah... ah... ah...

On the table or against the wall

Ah... ah... ah... ah...

Won't you please give me a call?

Ah... ah... ah... ah...

Doing it all the time with you

Ah... ah... ah... ah...

Honey we're never gonna be through

Ah... ah... ah... ah...

On top or beneath the sheets

Ah...ah... ah... ah...

I consider you nothing but treats

Ah... ah... ah... ah...

You're anything but a bore

Ah... ah... ah... ah...

Only you make me scream for more!

Copyright ©2007 man&SippingTheVastSpring

Nasty thoughts... (slightly explicit)

As I grabbed the shaving cream

While in the shower today

My mind took off as usual

With thoughts of how to play

My cream-filled hands began to wander

So slowly they moved around

Applying thick, delicious cream

To my body without a sound

I thought of you as it covered me

In deep, delicious bliss

I only wish you were there

So eager I was to kiss

You anywhere on your body

Your face, your lips, your dick

I could think of many places

I certainly wanted to lick

The feeling sent me reeling

As the cream dripped down my thighs

I imagined you beside me

Your cock just starting to rise

Between my cream filled fingers

So squishy, soft and wet

The main goal in my mind

To make you the happiest yet

I wondered how it would feel

Smearing this between each other

Baby all I've got to say

Is you better run for cover

Copyright ©2007 man&SippingTheVastSpring

Image Source: Google Images

Sunday, July 08, 2007

in the garden...

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-08

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-08

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-08


Words used to pour forth from your lips
Like water gushing from a waterfall
Splashing on me and around me
Drenching me in their sweetness, their fluidity
I drowned many times over in your words
Such a strange sensation to be drowning yet elated
Floating, carelessly, supported by your words
With never any doubt in my mind of your feelings
Your intentions, your desires, your dreams, your fantasies

Somewhere over time that gushing waterfall
Transformed into a babbling brook
Still able to kiss my skin with sweetness
Showering me with your love
But no longer deafening, sometimes eerily quiet
Depending on the influx from your environment
Sometimes totally silent

During this season of change
I realize I have grown very thirsty
Once satiated, I now silently cry on the sidelines for a drink
Wondering if you even notice my thirst
Or see my parched lips and tongue
Begging for acknowledgment
From the one holding the pitcher to my cup
I remain poised, ready, with lips parted and hands outstretched
Waiting ... wondering if today your rains will return.

Copyright ©2007 man&SippingTheVastSpring
Image Source: Yahoo Images

some shots of bumblebees...

I am not a huge fan of purposefully hanging around anywhere there are bees....I have been stung many times and would like to avoid it in the future if possible...but when I was at my parent's house yesterday for a belated birthday my dad was telling me about these huge bumblebees that hang around in the yard by the sunflowers and other flowers...and while he was came the big-butt bees!

SO I had to try to snap a few shots....and standing from afar and zooming in did not capture the shots I I decided to overcome my fears and stand as close as possible and use my camera's MACRO mode to "get up close and personal!" Below are a few of the results

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-08

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-08

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-08

Here is a different bumblebee enjoying the sunflowers

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-08

Check out the wing on this reminded me of stained glass windows

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-08