Friday, January 17, 2003

Well..yesterday we went to the new Colorado Mills Mall. We were not sure if we would like it. It sure did not look like much from the outside. was fabulous inside. Did not look that new to me...but the set up was great. It is designed in the fashion of a large oval you step inside and start walking. You keep walking and walking and walking and you will eventually pass ALL the stores on that same path. You never have to go in one direction or down one hallway like you do in most malls..and then turn around and walk back through that same store or hallway to get back out into the center of the mall to decide where to go from there. You just get to walking and start moving in a huge circle/oval and pass all the stores. There is no name brand stores there either that are large like Sears or Penneys..etc. There is a super Target in the middle of the mall. A Saks...guess that is name brand for rich people...hahaha. There was no Disney store or things like that. BUT...there were tons of other stores that had neat things for sale. The atmosphere was nice. Each area you walk through has a "neighborhood" or theme to it depending on who sponsored it I guess. One area was sponsored by Coca Cola and had things set up inside for kids to play with and the Polar Bear (from Coke) displayed on the walls and ceilings. They had a huge waterglobe where kids could take turns spinning wheels to make it snow inside the globe. All kinds of kid areas set up differently for them to play. An area of kiddie rides where one was like a roller coaster. Kind of neat. You sit in a seat that looks like a roller coaster seat and put money in the machine and then have a screen in front of you that looks like you are riding on a roller coaster. Noah for some reason did not want to do it though. I imagine even though he loves roller coasters he would be the same way in person when it came to actually riding one. I HOPE SO!! hahah

The mall had some neat restaurants in it and a nice food court too. Was nicer than we expected and had many areas to sit and just look around. Very nice after all.

We then went to Arbys for lunch. Keith and I had already gone to the Dollar Store to pick up some things for preschool and for the holidays. I found some nice frames for Noah's pictures to send to his aunties and grandmas...etc. They look very good to use for spring or easter or even early summer. ALL FOR A DOLLAR!! My kind of store!!

Got all my Time and Space Toys figurines put away yesterday from Christmas. Well....most of them. I was able to put them in a tub instead of back into a cardboard box. Will be better for storing. Trying to reorganize as I go along.

I am hungry. Thinking about making meatloaf for lunch today. Sounds good to me!! Not sure though. I am also craving potatoes of some kind and I don't think I have any except sweet potatoes.

Need to write grandma a letter. Noah acted terrible last night when it came time to trim his toenails. You would think I was trying to really hurt him. Talk about a tantrum. He finally said he was sleepy. SO..I told him to lay down and go to sleep. I also told him I would trim his nails when he slept. Funny, he lets me do his fingernails with no problem..and his hair. BUT HIS TOES...another story entirely. I am super sensitive too when it comes to my toes but at least I can cut my nails!! hahha. BUT...once he was asleep I was able to trim them just fine. He never woke up. This was around 5:30 p.m. He woke up 2 hours later for about an hour and we then went on to bed. Preacher's Wife was on Family Channel last night so we watched most of that. Nice to see a Christmas movie after the holidays. We also watched Frosty the Snowman.

Nice today. To be around 50s or so. Sunny outside right now too. Ohio is getting blasted with cold temps and tons of snow from what I hear.

Not much else to write about. Working on my manual for work...should have it done maybe this weekend or early next week. Also working on our important information I have been wanting to update. Should also have that done soon. Will be nice to have those things off my back. I can then finish sifting and sorting things here in the house and reorganizing. ONCE all that is done...I will have TONS of free time on my hands.

The squirrel outside is almost too friendly. He followed me to the car yesterday wanting to be fed. I think he would have jumped inside if I had let him. I finally ran back upstairs to get him some peanuts. He waited on my balcony but I took them back down instead and put them on the grass. He came down and seemed happy. Was funny.

Well..I need to get off here. It is already 10:15 and I have a lot to do.


Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Back again for an update!! Keith is nosey.Was just trying to see FROM A DISTANCE what I was typing here..hahahaha. If he would just ASK me sometimes instead of trying to would not be so bad. Oh well..hahaha.

Supposed to cool off and get some snow later today. The clouds are building over the back range of maybe it will. I STILL have to take all my Christmas decorations down...etc...NO LATER than this weekend is my goal. I should start on some today.

We took Noah to Sears yesterday and he actually sat for Kelley to have his pictures taken. What an amazing thing for us! It has been since he was like 18 months to 2 years old!! Some of the pictures turned out really good and others okay. I did go ahead and order some.

My eyes are tired this morning. All my work is done which is sooooo nice. Noah is sitting here playing with his Playdough. I just asked him what he would like to do today. He is not really saying. Not sure what I will make for lunch either. Had thought about pork chops..they are quick and easy to do.

Well..won't be long and Valentine's Day will be here...if you can believe that. ALL the stores have Valentine Day stuff out now. Amazing.

I know this sounds boring and not so hectic.....but I just wanted to touch base. So thankful for being here another day!! AND FOR ALL MY BLESSINGs God continues to provide. Simply amazing!!

Guess I will sign off for now.

Hopefully more later.


Sunday, January 12, 2003

Had a horrible migraine headache almost the entire day yesterday. Well it was for the entire day! Talk about your head hurting and being sick to your stomach. Finally about 4:00 p.m. I had to run to the store for choice...had to get some things including more meats. I felt a little better once I got home. Did not really do much the entire day.....what a waste. Took Tylenol....Excedrine Migraine pills...more Tylenol....more headache pills....and slept. That was about it. SO EXCITING huh? Found out my grandma got her cast uncle Mike is home from the hospital and my sister Angela they believe just has an inner ear infection.

Not much new least so far. I need to take my Christmas decorations down..or at least START!! Just cannot seem to muster up that much energy I guess. We are still enjoying our tree too.

Well...going to make a yummy pot roast in the crock pot today for dinner. Not sure what other plans anyone might have but I need to get back to work for a bit.

More later