Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day......2007...

and I think I am fighting a losing battle with the cat and the tree. I love Christmas and love decorating my tree and enjoying it all lit up at nighttime......and this cat keeps getting inside the tree....and now on the bottom branches where he has bent them all down......not sure I can fix them back up to where they should be. Short of penning him up the entire month of December I am not sure what I can do. I have tried orange peels and pepper and spraying from a water bottle. All nothing but short, temporary fixes. AND I love tinsel on my tree...and I know cats and tinsel do not mix. this point.......I don't know what I will do. The tree looked great starting out....not looks like it has been attacked a few times.

And it just exhausts me and depresses the hell out of me.

Enough said....shit.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

a stormy night before Thanksgiving...

and all through the flat.....all were busy with chores......except for the cat!

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yep....there he sat.....the cat in the tree.....I think he thought he was hidden from me!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

two movies to watch this Thanksgiving...

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two days before Thanksgiving......

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Last night I made the party batch for Noah and one to take to my mom and dad's for Thanksgiving. I also whipped up the cheese ball. Tonight or tomorrow I will make the fudge that was requested and Thursday morning the hot rolls I am to take to their house. I try to do as much ahead as possible so I am not so stressed or rushed the MORNING OF, especially since I have to work.

We decided since I was off work yesterday to forgo the real tree this year as it might be too tempting for the cat and to instead put up the artificial tree to see how the cat would respond. Well......unfortunately this kitty is a bit too interested in the tree. I have found him numerous times INSIDE the tree lying on the branches. I am trying to do some serious behavior modification before I decorate it......and I am so thankful the tree has remained upright during this time.

So the holiday season this year may have an entirely new level of angst it never had before...but we will deal with it. It will all be over so quickly.

Today is a dreary day outside. The kind where you just want to sleep in all day. Noah did not make it up early either. This is a great movie day or snuggling up with a good book day or better yet someone you love.....or......decorating the Christmas tree.....if we can.....which is doubtful at this point. Maybe the lights would be a good next move.

I have a ton of work to do and I want to do it while I have it because with the holidays midweek we will likely run out on my account....oh....and THE BACHELOR did exactly what I sort of thought he would do on the show. He decided to choose NO ONE for his fiance. He is getting dogged big time from all sides and while he may have led some of the women on......unfortunately he was just following the rules of this most bizarre tv show....and was playing along like all the women were. I think you have to give him credit for NOT choosing someone he was NOT in love with. THAT is something you cannot make happen at the snap of your fingers......and I am thankful he is not just SETTLING and trying to make something work that obviously would not last.

AND early this morning I was watching Illinois play Northwestern and I have to admit....Illinois is a pretty good team. I have been impressed by what I have seen this year......sorry they beat our asses ......but they are a good team.

okay......back to it!