Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wreck This I continue week #11.......

Well I have continued to work in my journal. This week I have done all sorts of things....finding lots of images I wanted to include in my journal...jotting down messages sometimes if I thought of one that the image reminded me of. I have a long way to go.....

I have added more images or embellishments to my cover. What better image than KING KONG for the WRECKING part? AND notice I added in a butterfly beside it....and at the bottom right a BELIEVE button after START HERE...

HUM...what else is there to say? Channing what he is.....

There was not much to report on sleeping with the journal...

I am adding more to the backside....the only reason GI JOE toy is there is to cover my addy

I am working on my SCRATCH page......I instantly thought of cats....I guess because of their claws?

I already had taken the journal into the shower with me. I am glad I did this early on as I doubt I would want to take it in the shower now. On the flipside I decided to add in the image of dry, desolation, stagnation...and added in the message to remember to water the roots of your creativity!

I also love the Wizard of OZ. THIS is a WORK IN I want to also add in some FLYING MONKEYS!!!! They scared the crap out of me as a kid but I want to include them here. I also want to add in some Ruby Red slippers and THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME page....I always want to follow my own road too....not one that everyone else follows...hence the message.

I LOVE fireflies and the backside of my BURN page had all these holes that reminded me of bugs flying up and around. SO I found an image of a really cool jar filled with lightning bugs and then set to work to try to make it look like a dark sky with lightning bugs escaping from the jar. The flipside was my coffee page. I did make a stain with my coffee, but you could barely see it. SO I just doodled some coffee stuff and thoughts here.

I love Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang...had to include some of them in my journal. I have more ideas for another page or two with more will be coming. Of course Charlie Brown has taught us all to NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

I have NO idea what this is or was going to be other than it reminds me now of Howard Stern in drag. I don't really care for it....but I am not going to cover it up. Obviously it did not turn out as I had planned...this took on a mind of its own!

This is the reverse image of the one above......the ink bled through the paper so I made a lighter version ...a FAIRER (fairy) version on this side......I don't really care for her either but I like her better than the drag version of Howard Stern on the flipside. So I made a mess...but did not really clean it up all that great.

AND that is it for is......


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesdays.......WHAT DOOR DO YOU WISH TO OPEN?

Jamie over at JAMIE RIDLER STUDIOS asks another good question of us this week for Wishcasting Wednesday. (check my sidebar for the links)

My wish might sound a little complicated.

I wish to open the door to my future hopes and dreams so they can become my present - -my reality.

AND I wish to keep that door open! I am tired of having the door closed out of fear of it opening. I am tired of peeking through the door but not having enough faith to open it wide. I am tired of waiting and wish to move FORWARD in all aspects of my life. We only get one shot at this.....I wish to avoid wasting time!

My mantra for myself and others is "JUST DO IT!" (although there are times I also add ALREADY to the end...JUST DO IT ALREADY! haha)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

I love suns and moons ........

and have them throughout my house. I am always drawn to them and if I see them presented in a unique decorative way for my home or outside...I usually end up buying it or making it.

I found this wonderful metal SUN (flower) that was on a very long pole you stick in the ground and these back leaves will spin around in the wind. IT IS so cool.....perfect sun face....he is winking at you. This was so large I could not take a picture of it standing up as the store did not have it standing only lying down. He was also too pricey for me.....almost 90.00! SO ...I took his picture so I would remember him and then thought he might be pretty top heavy in your yard and not hold up outside too well? NOT sure....if he gets marked down in price I would be tempted to get him!

I also found some wonderful MOON faces for Halloween made up as little Moon Men and one I wanted was sold out but I found this one which was very similar but he also came with an entire body and not just his head so I got him. Isn't this moon face adorable?

AND I found a wonderful metal antique type SANTA magical watch...and had to get it. It was marked way down since it is not holiday time yet. I adore it..and will find a wonderfully magical place to hang it come Christmastime!

This watch is HUGE...not like a pocket watch...but the size of a saucer! At least 6 inches or so in diameter!

I have kept busy working in my Wreck This Journal this week...and have a few new ideas I want to try in it this coming week so I am looking forward to that. Otherwise I need to get off here and get some things done!