Friday, January 12, 2007

POW bracelets - - do you still have one?

if you might have one with a name on it that someone is looking for. Check out the link to read the details.

I remember these. They were still popular when I was in high school. I had one. Seems everyone I knew had one. I still have mine somewhere. I think. Maybe not. I usually don't throw those things away though.

Right after 9/11 they came out with similar bracelets called the Mercy Band where you could get names made on bracelets of anyone you chose that was a victim of 9/11. You can still order those if interested at this site....though there are a couple of sites that make different styled bracelets:


grnidlady said...

yes, i had a pow bracelet when i was growing up...but i don't know where it is.

Buffalo said...

I still wear mine. If I remember correctly I did a piece about it a few months ago.

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