Friday, July 24, 2009

Wreck This Journal: Week 8??

(I added this John Waterhouse painting "The Crystal Ball" image to my inside front cover - yet another image with a crystal ball and mystical theme...this happened a lot this week!)

Well I have been working in my journal feverishly. I really enjoy this journal and will continue to work on it and post my progress long after the official end of this group blogging project as I am no where near finished and I imagine it will take me awhile to complete. I have enjoyed this journal so much I long ago purchased 2 other books from the same author Keri Smith, "Living Out Loud" and "Guerilla Art Kit" which I cannot wait to get started in as well!

Here is what I have been "wrecking" this week. You will have to CLICK on any photos to enlarge them if you want.

This is my SIGN page....I swear any time I am not wanting to step out of my comfort zone this mantra goes through my mind. I have found it much easier to try most anything now when I just remember "JUST DO IT!"

This is my CRUMPLED PAGE that I first drew on a pic of an old woman....and colored it all in. Then I crumpled the paper hoping it would make her skin look old...everything look old and textured. She then turned into more of a Chinese-gypsy appearing woman. Very odd. I DO love the background...but was a little disappointed with the actual drawing and colors of it. I then took the page and glued it into the back inside cover/flap and colored in a page next to it with a similar theme.

OKAY...I don't really have THAT MUCH pocket lint so I decided to use DRYER LINT. I then imagined it would make cute little sheep so I decorated a page to look sort of like a farm and glued my little sheep onto it.

I LOVE Christmas and SNOW and the SMELL of Christmas trees so I infused this page with the scent of Christmas trees! I also incorporated a cover from one of my favorite books....Narnia,"The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe"

OH yes YUMMY! I got this photo of ERIC from TRUE BLOOD from a future calendar coming out ...yes ladies he will be the MONTH OF JANUARY. I had to add Miss Snow WHITE near all his "essentials" and of course placed the apple just "SO"....and then I added more WHITE things on the other page and added a lot of WHITE GLITTER! Yes I love glitter.

On my PUNCH HOLES page I DID punch holes and then realized it resembled STARS so I colored in a background to look like a sparkly sky and added a gyspy image and then more yes...GLITTER to make it all sparkly. This also seemed to seal up some of the holes but I do like how it turned out. Reminds me of Vincent van Gogh's "Starry, Starry Night" wich I LOVE. I then kept with the theme and added a mystical gypsy with crystal ball and colored that in and added a bit of sparkle to her as well.

WORK IN PROGRESS. NO I did no cheat I really was able to reconnect the balls without looking. BUT then it reminded me of I glued planets on the page. NOW I want to paint the background BLACK and REDO the connecting process with GLOW IN THE DARK PAINT! SO this is not finished yet.

I guess I had GYPSIES on the brain this week as I found another cool image to add to my cover...also a WORK IN PROGRESS......

AND that's all least until next Friday.

What have you wrecked this week? AS always you can check my sidebar for links to all these projects.....