Saturday, June 21, 2008

work has been sporadic at best.....

So Thursday after not getting any work most of the day I took a break and went outside and mowed, trimmed, weeded, watered, fed the birds, washed the truck, swept the driveway and garage.....hum...

now I am cleaning up my computer. I happened to check and realized out of my 200+ GB hard-drive I only had 22 GB left! WHEN did that happen? I had 50 GB of music files and over 50 GB of I transferred all those over to my portable hard-drive which I have been doing as backup.....but now I figured I should remove them from my hard-drive on THIS PC...which I did. That freed up a LOT of space and I now have 115 GB free space again.....

Next is cleaning up the registry and duplicate files and crap like that. Then I will run another scan.....which I stopped last night after it was taking forever and when I checked the NUMBER OF FILES it had scanned so far it was over ......are you ready? OVER TWO MILLION files and folders. I guess I am an information junkie.

I like back ups and back ups of the back ups....I wanted to keep all my crap on this hard-drive AND have a back up on a portable AND have back ups on disk. Wonder why I am so obsessed?

SO now I am trying to work in between cleaning my PC up.....and I am trying to avoid being anxious about Noah having surgery on Monday......and he has been so sweet..wanting to do all these things BEFORE his surgery.....but he makes it sound like the last time he will ever do them which freaks me out.

He came in all cuddly yesterday when I finally laid down to take a nap.....because I had stayed up the night before working since there was actually work at nighttime....and when I asked him what he needed or wanted he said "just to tell you I love you."

I could have bawled my eyes out. I do pray all goes well on Monday.....Noah means a lot to me.

prayers are always welcome!

Friday, June 20, 2008

lactose free but contains MILK?

I don't get can a creamer be LACTOSE free...have a picture of a cow with the red crossed circle over it and say DAIRY FREE....and yet at the bottom of that same container of cream....have the words: CONTAINS MILK??

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

note to self.......

you need to work on your responses to stress ( I just typed THERAPY--HAH!) need to remember you are teaching your son how to respond positive to stress in life. EVERYONE will always have stress...but it is how we deal with it that counts.

You are setting an example....avoid screwing up on this.

And besides....our little stresses are nothing compared to so many others in the world.

UPDATE ON GARAGE DOOR: Yes it is fixed. My landlord seemed overly concerned that the man he was going to send to me to fix the door was "black." He asked me if I minded if he was "black." I know my face squinched up in a puzzled look but over the phone he could not see that so I said "well of course that is more than alright why?" He proceeded to tell me that apparently it bothers SOME. HUM.......

He then proceeded to tell me how good a job this man does.....was I sure it was okay if he was black....well he was really only HALF black and he did a great job and I quote "for being half black."

WTF????? I was shaking my head now....and again stressed it was FINE the man could come out...I had no problems with him as long as he was going to do what he was here to do! NO matter the color.....etc.

He came out.....funny thing is.....he did not look black to me...or even HALF black. He looked just like any other elderly man...and I would never have even known any of this had it not been for the landlord even telling me this.

GOOD NEWS...he replaced not only the broken cable but the other side too! YEAH...I can get the door open and closed now even easier than before!

Had a nice picnic at the park yesterday afternoon with my son......the weather was absolutely gorgeous!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a little stressed......

I had a semi-stressful day Monday....guess that can be typical of most Mondays. I ended up taking Noah to the pool 14 miles away from our city.....cause it has a nice atmosphere.....but they apparently have not opened that pool and I wonder if they will this year. So we came the 14 miles back to our local pool which upon arrival a classmate of his was there so they had a good time. Had a few issues there.....left.....

ran home to grab a bite to eat and get ready to head to the hospital for a tour ...never even made it there the interstates are all so torn up.....I-75 was went to my sister's house to drop off the rest of her birthday present.....

left...came inside and closed the garage door and the cable overhead on the one side snapped. SO now I have books due at the library today......and we cannot get the door open and up let alone get the car out to go anywhere.

I will have to call my landlord today.....wonderful.....although I am thankful that won't be something else I will have to pay for.

and on top of that....I think my forehead got sunburned......

Sunday, June 15, 2008

have you seen this yet??? there are 23 episodes on You Tube......

Maybe I should not think this is good stuff considering the source (R. Kelly) and how some feel about him......but if you push all that aside and just watch the video story it is actually very good and very well done. You can start here if you like.....

here are episodes 1-5....but you will have to go to You Tube for the rest

It gets hilarious in parts....I mean HILARIOUS.....especially around episode 8, 9, 10, and 11 when we get into Bridgett and her being in love with a midget.....yeah...some good stuff in this.

I imagine this is going to become a big hit for this man who unfortunately has been in the news recently in less than good light. But that is yet another story.