Thursday, September 25, 2003

Well..after having pretty bad abdominal pain for 4 days I decided to go to the doctor. He could not tell me any more possible scenarios for the etiology for the pain other than what I had come up with. So..he sent me for a CT scan today. Not sure when I will know those results. I had to drink 2 bottles of this barium crap. Tasted like orange flavored spicey something...thicker than water....was not bad....but TWO BOTTLES!!! THEN they still injected me with more contrast via an IV when I got in the room. I thought drinking the 2 bottles would allow me to avoid that. BUT...I had a nice man come in to start my IV. He did a great it did not hurt or anything. THOSE are the ONLY kind of people you want messing with your veins. Like the woman who did my blood draw the other morning after the doctor visit. I NEVER even felt that needle go in! SHe was very good. I have had her do my blood work before. AND I had to take everything off but my underwear in a changing room. The gowns they had of course were not very large...and would not fit comfortably on my I saw this LARGER gown. MY GOSH! It was a 10X!! Now who in the world needs or wears a 10X that goes into those places? I have never even heard of a 10X or knew they made a 10X!! I had to wear was funny. I was laughing out loud to myself in the changing room. The people outside waiting probably thought I had lost it. I came out and looked like a balloon that was about to take flight on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! I announced that to everyone and they all got to laughing. The arms were so big on this you would probably see my entire body if you looked as I turned sideways. I basically had to HOLD my arms down tight the entire time. Man...oh well. I lost my modesty for those situations a long time ago. Something about having every orifice in your body probed does that to you eventually..hahaha. So...of course after all this..I think the pain is feeling a bit better. Now I wonder if I had a cyst on my ovary that ruptured and drained or something and now is fine again. I guess that could account for the pain and heaviness in the lower abdominal area. Course I have other symptoms that a cyst would not knows.

I am SOOO sleepy. I am ready for bed. I already told Noah no later than 8:30 p.m. tonight. They are having BUDDY day tomorrow at school. He is so excited. KEITH is going to go with him and all we have heard about is BUDDY day and DADDY going to school with Noah!! I suggested Keith go with Noah to school as I seem to always be the one who does everything with Noah. I figured it would do him some good to do something with Noah for a change. Not that I would not have liked going for Buddy day myself. I would have. Right now though sitting on the floor bothers my it would not have worked out anyway. PLUS....I am trying to let Keith do more things with Noah as I think he SHOULD! So....

Picked up all the toys...gave Noah his bath. Swept the floor...opened my mail. Lit my candles...I am ready for BED!! hahaah. I did get a lot of work done last night at the hospital. Seems sometimes I can get more work done there as I seem to sometimes type faster and it goes directly into their system too which saves me a step and time in the end. It does not always work out that way with me getting more done at work. But lately I have noticed at home I get distracted a lot more or I have to stop and do things while I am working..which takes time away from me working. So that can add up. Anyway...I am in a good position tape wise and work wise this week that is a good thing!

I got my poems published recently in a book. One poem was published in a book that came out this summer. I just got my copy today. Looks nice. So many poems in there!

About time to start wrapping my Christmas presents and sending them to Ohio. I wanted to wrap as I bought..still have not done that. BUT that is okay. I don't think I will have quite as much to send this year or not as big it won't probably take me too long to wrap things anyway.

Noah is such as sweetie pie and considerate little boy. He loves to snuggle up with me.....makes sure I have everything I might need....if I even have hiccups he runs and gets his water bottle to give me a drink! He is something else. I don't think there is anything quite as nice as holding your own child in your arms and having them snuggle up with you and kiss you and tell you that they love you. He is quite the little man already...and I hope he stays that way as he gets older!

Well..I am rambling. I should have called this Blog "Ramblings" as that is all I end up doing. There was more I wanted to write about but I am tired and need to do a few more things before QUIET time and bed time.