Friday, January 12, 2007

free association........someone says pink I think of:

1) pussy (sorry but it is right there on the edge of my tongue and no I do not mean that literally!
2) panther
3) pagoda

see......that is how my brain works..........

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Joey said...

there's pussy on the edge of your tongue? Melinda, I never knew! ;)


Pussy- obvious
Tampax pearl- damn tv advertisements.

Brit and Monika. On this old forum I was on, Monika was engaged to Vince and soon to be wed. Brit out of humor and friendship, began hitting on her playfully and annoying her. She found out he hated pink, and so everything she did was pink: her blog, avatar, signature.. then he started getting annoyed.. it was funny. :) Thank god Lydia came along and calmed that boy down lol.