Friday, May 11, 2012

29 Faces in May.....some more faces

well..I think I need to do more than just sketch out faces....I tend to start doing similar looks and then might get a bit bored....though I do enjoy trying to improve on what I do....and I know repeating things would help. I don't know what my problem is lately though..but I tend to lose interest in things pretty am going to have to do something different here or probably lose interest in this too.

Monday, May 07, 2012

29 Faces Part 2, May 2012....begins

I decided to participate in an art challenge..where for 29 days in the month of May...each day you are supposed to create a face...portrait....face of pretty much anything you want using any medium you want...just so you artistically create a face each day. Here is what I have so far...I am trying to do more than just sketching...though sometimes that is all I have time for. I also sometimes do not know what to do with my make the page more like a "journal" page or piece of art that can stand by itself...unless I then take it an apply it to maybe a canvas..and create a larger piece of artwork that way. So many of these sketches might end up only being the start of another project...much larger down the road. I have used finger paints....and watercolors....I have no inks to work with yet. I have used colored pencils...some paints..etc. So far I have really enjoyed just taking time to work more on faces in general...and trying out new styles. My latest are more of a doll look when I discovered this artist who creates art dolls and I fell in love with the way she did their eyes. SO, presently I am incorporating that look into my faces...which I love. They have lots of long eyelashes and shading...just love it. I try to work at least 1 day ahead...just in case something comes up to prevent me from working on a face for a particular day. I do not post daily as we are supposed to..and I will probably not be posting on the actual 29 Faces site on that blog each day to link to my page here and my photos....I don't access my PC daily anymore and cannot post like that. I will probably only do like a week at a time...and then maybe end with a grand slideshow/movie of all 29 days and faces. The link to the site is on my sidebar under 29 Faces..

homemade...deep dish pizza