Friday, January 12, 2007

FIVE on Friday....feel free to steal

  1. Where is your hammer, and what did you last use it for? IN my tool bag in the utility room. I last used it to hang up some paintings in my house.
  2. What is your everyday cutlery like? Pretty nice. I bought new when I moved in here last June. Nothing fancy...from K-Mart. I think Martha Stewart.
  3. What are you using for a toothbrush? I am not sure why it is asking this. Does anyone use something other than a toothbrush? I use a dollar store toothbrush
  4. How particular are you when it comes to writing implements? Not that particular, as I tend to do most of my writing by typing these days. Sure I LOVE all the goodies like wonderful papers and inks and pens and sealing wax......etc...but still tend to type nearly everything.
  5. What is the most use-specific tool you own? um.......don't think I can publicly answer this one! hahahaha :O

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