Friday, July 31, 2009

Wreck This Journal Week 9.....(but not the end yet for me!)

Here is what I did this past week. I did have a funeral for my aunt to attend on Thursday and so I had a couple of days where I ended up not being emotionally able to work in my journal. I just felt numb and not like doing anything.

BUT here is what I did so far. I am still going to continue to work on my journal until I actually complete the entire thing......and I will continue to post pics here once a week if you want to come back and check on Fridays. AFTER I complete this journal I have a couple of other projects I will be working on and posting.

SO anyway, Jamie from Jamie Ridler Studios WRECK THIS JOURNAL asked us to think about what we would take away from this project....and I think the main thing I will take away is that it IS possible for me to be creative during my every day life...whether it be in a journal or elsewhere....and it IS possible for me to work on a creative project and actually CREATE something. I DO have the discipline to do it....if I set smaller steps/goals for me to complete. Realizing I have time to create even in a small way helped to satisfy my creative itch and makes me want to do even MORE creating now in other ways too. SO this was like a little stepping stone to get me into something bigger and better next time.

Last year I worked on a DECK OF ME project where I had to complete 1 playing card per week based on a prompt. At the end of a YEAR I had 52 cards completed. I STUCK with that figuring I could surely always manage to do ONE little playing card per week. I DID successfully complete that goal and then I decided to move onto this journal. THINKING it would be a little bigger project.....but still once per week.....and I have done pretty well with it....but am not yet complete. BUT that is okay...I realize I can take as much time as I want to create and I am creating and it will all be finished when it is supposed to be.

I am excited to think about what the next thing will be I create!

So here is what I worked on:

The RUBBINGS page is still a work in progress. Once I finish doing more rubbings I will probably put a background color on the page of some sort....

On this page that little booger picking guy I had drawn before on the other side of the page showed THRU so I decided to incorporate the reverse image of him into this page. When I looked at this page the big black center part I saw as eyes to a big BUMBLEBEE or that made me think of HONEY ...something sticky. BUT instead of adding the sticky stuff this entire picture came to mind so I decided to color it all in instead USING the reverse see-thru image of the little booger picking guy I had created before.

The negative comments page was sort of easy and yet I struggled with because I work really hard to AVOID negative comments and thoughts now in my brain. SO I discovered something amazing by doing this page. I realized other than a couple of negative things that occasionally still float through my brain I HAVE eliminated most of my negative self-talk. SO that is HUGE! I hesitated on sharing them, but decided to put them out there. OF course with me....I had to find a way to JUSTIFY exposing them and then some way to show I was ELIMINATING even those remaining I came up with the deep sea diver idea and fish EATING all the letters to all the words that occasionally still graced the corners of my mind! I show the diver and fish all working together in the sea of negativity to DESTROY, RIP APART, SHRED, and finally EAT the remaining negative words. I had a lot of fun with this one. See we all can swim in a sea of negative thoughts if we allow it. The letters of the words are BAIT....are you going to take the bite and get caught up in the negativity or find a way to capture the bait and replace it with something positive?

On the FOUR LETTER word page....I found it interesting that dirty four letter words came up so EASILY in my mind. BUT then I realized I wanted to keep my journal on a more positive clean note so I decided to try to come up with only positive four letter words or rhyming words. I then drew a few visuals to go along with those.

Doodle over the page.....I found myself again doing something SEA related. I have a lot of SEA/WATER related pages I have colored in this journal. I am sure that means something. haha Not sure I will add more to these pages, but I might. I like the color and the simplicity of it so far.

I also glued in a magazine and newspaper section in my journal which I will post later. I did not have time to add that to this week and I have enough here I think for now.

What did YOU wreck this week???

Monday, July 27, 2009

working on my Wreck This Journal.........

and more. Have not felt great the last few days so I have gravitated to working on the journal. I will post pics of all I have done on Friday. are my veggies from my garden so far. Some wonderful grape tomatoes and green peppers......and onions! I have a ton of onions and tomatoes coming on!