Friday, September 19, 2008

I am hooked...this puts me in a trance......I love it so much!

Hang this sound.........I want one!

check this out.......

This video was made in my back yard, on the spur of the moment and is not intended
to be fancy music -- just to show some of the instruments, which include -- in order:

- 3 string cookie-tin banjo with weed- whip line strings. Tune is "the Cuckoo".

- "Tambiro" made from a new (never-been-filled) 20 Lb. propane tank.

- My "Fiddle-Gurdy" combination fiddle & Hurdy Gurdy. Much fun! I apologize for the squeak here and there -- I was impatient to get things on Youtube. Tune is an old French Canadian Voyageur's melody, "En Roullant Ma Boulle".
Inspiration from Yuichi Onoue's "Kaisatsuko".

- My 4-string, full sized wash-tub bass. Holds it's own nicely in a band situation.

- Simple Hardanger fiddle conversion. 4 strings playing & 4 strings sympathetic that run through a tunnel carved into the underside of the fingerboard. Tunes are "Road to Boston" (aka "Col. Greene's March") and "Over the Waterfall".

- Low D Tin-Whistle made from a shower-curtain rod for a few dollars. Tune is made up on the spot (& it sounds it!).

- Octave Mandolin (aka bozouki, cittern) converted from an old guitar. Tune is the
"Boys of Bluehill" hornpipe.

for more information on how to make your own instruments and so much more than even what is shown here......go here:


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I was in the mood to bake......

So I baked Noah some chocolate chip cookies...........


and then I made some mini loaves of homemade strawberry bread.....




then I decided to make some homemade onion/flaxseed bagels!


Deck of Me: Week 38: Reflection

Deck of Me: Week 38: Reflection, originally uploaded by racham.

I tried to make this look like a bubble after it was blown....with bits and pieces of myself (images) floating around inside.....

Deck of Me: Week 38: Reflection

Deck of Me: Week 38: Reflection, originally uploaded by racham.

for some photos of what the hurricane did here in Ohio........check out these blogs.....