Saturday, May 17, 2003

WOW..this is like summer. Already 80 degrees outside and the AC on in here! So thankful to have the AC that is for sure. Probably should be outside enjoying some of this nice weather. Just got done working and will now start lunch. Going to make a nice one rolls....potatoes..veggies...and gingerbread with whipped cream for dessert. Not mch else is happening. Keith just popped his head around the corner..>NOSEY as usual I guess. I have NEVER in my life known anyone as nosey as he can be. THE ONLY place I ever get any PRIVATE time these days is in the bathroom and then ONLY if I lock the door..hahaha. OH WELL.

Noah only has 1 more week left in school. I would like to try to find a class or something for him to take this summer try to keep him in the SCHOOL MODE.

Lots of paperwork to do this weekend. Movies to watch. After dinner we will probably head over to the library or I will let Keith go pick up more movies on reserve. I will try to stay up again tonight to watch some. I finished Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood last night. It ended up being pretty good after all. Have Shallow Hal to watch...Artificial Intelligence...Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets....Road to Perdition and another movie I cannot remember the name of. Good thing these are for 7 days and I can renew some.

Not much else happening here. Need to clean. Need to get some bird feeders to put outside. Have had a couple of colorful and beautiful sounding wrens flying up checking out my hanging pots for nesting I guess. I would love to have them around more as they sound so pretty. So...I am going to put out a couple of bird houses. I have not fed nor seen any squirrels around here now for several days. I am SURE they are still around..but they have not been coming around here.

Okay..I better get to it. Already 11:15 and time is ticking.

More another time.


Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Noah had a really bad day at shool yesterday. The teachers all said he acted tired and that he kept saying he was "sleepy". He will say that too however whenever he does not want to do something. BUT..he came out crying...cried all the way home....cried at home for like 30-45 minutes...not sure what was wrong. Finally got him calmed down. He did say he got in trouble at school for PUSHING ERIN his love/hate girlfriend relationship he has at school. I asked if she pushed him and he said yes. They do that. Push and shove each other and then hug and kiss each other at other times. BUT...I asked what the teachers told him...he said they said "don't push!". He said he pushed her 2 times. HE also jumped into a puddle outside it looked like as his pants were all wet at the bottoms and his socks. So he was extremely frustrated...maybe because he knew he had done something wrong and got into trouble for it..not sure. BUT...he wanted to go to a park and play. AFTER he calmed down we went to Arbys...and then took him to the park down by us for about 20 minutes or so to play. I thought he has looked funny for about 4-5 days he did not feel well or was fighting off something or just tired too. SO.....I made him go to bed early last night. BUT.he tossed and turned. His breath smells like sinus and he has had a hard time breathing through his nose so he could be fighting off some viral thing again. I know Keith and I got it twice...and now my sinuses have started bothering me again and now my throat is sore.

Warm yesterday..almost 80 degrees. SO THANKFUL TO GOD we have air conditioning now. Saw a beautiful FULL MOON this was HUGE.....right on top of the mountains...looked like one of those big harvest moons. Wanted to run home and take a picture but it was gone by the time I made it home. Oh well.

We cleaned off the balcony yesterday and got it all ready for summer. Hung our windchimes that needed hanging and put up some decor...also hung our 2 big flowering looks super nice out there now. One squirrel keeps coming up though...he is too tame. I am afraid someone will get bit. I am going to have to quit feeding them altogether or just down on the grass below. Trying to get this stubborn little one to eat down there is hard. He won't. SO...we will see. He is so tame he will come up and climb on the screen door too which I don't like. It is my fault. I put nuts out for them during the winter when the snow was on the grass...etc. So...we can only be on the balcony during times they are not around or we chase them off. There is another squirrel too that comes around but he has enough sense to stay away from the balcony when we are up there. OH..had some small birds checking out our hanging pots for nesting I am was cute. BUT....I told Keith I should hang a small birdhouse up there as I am sure they would use it. SO I may check for one next time we get out.

Not much else new. Already 53 to 57 degrees this morning. Just made some coffee....super good!!! Got some movies to watch from the library. The new TV is nice and now we can use the new DVD player I had gotten for Keith for Christmas which is also nice.

I better get back to work. Not much to do and I would like to actually get it done. I have paperwork and other things to do today during the day if I can...but I also want to make time to actually PLAY with Noah.

me again

Monday, May 12, 2003

Well...Mother's Day was nice...nice and quiet. I ended up working most of the day because I slept in Saturday night instead of working. BUT....we then watched "A Beautiful Mind" which was very good. Keith got us Chinese for lunch..also good. I read a bit....and that was about it. EXCITING HUH? haha. Oh well.

I guess TRANSCRIPTIONIST week is coming up. Funny how little I get recognized for the work I do in my department. NO..this is not a POOR ME thing. BUT..there was an entire article in the Children's Hospital's newspaper about the transcriptionists in Medical Records. I work in my own department....but....rarely does something get mentioned about me or the work I do. I don't think anyone really has a clue how MUCH work I do except for perhaps Juanita....and then I think she kind of forgets about it till I go on vacation and someone else has to try to do my work load. They usually have to get 4 or 5 people to do MY JOB. HUM....what does that say? Oh well..I DO NOT DO ANYTHING to get recognition so I guess I should not be complaining..or maybe I DO WANT recognition for the work I am doing. I will have to think about that. Juanita did give me a collection of foot lotions and stuff to thank me for what I do every day. I guess that is something.

Sounds like I am a whiner today. Great.

Keith ordered a new be delivered today from Circuit City..they are also supposed to hook up all our gadgets to it as well. SO....his DVD player can finally be hooked up. Will be nice to be able to test that out and start getting DVDs to play or play my other CDs on it.

Tree branches all over the place last night on my way to work and this morning. ONe HUGE tree was completely uprooted. Not sure what happened. I know a tornado was in the area last week...maybe the winds picked up.

Well....I need to make a pot of coffee. Already thinking about what I need to make for lunch. Will have to be something quick and easy today.

More another time.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Most of the snow has already melted. Lots of sunshine yesterday afternoon. Seemed I spent most of my day in the kitchen. Made a coffee cake for breakfast...tried to get some work done on the computer.....Got Noah ready for the day......Keith went to the store....put the stuff away he brougth back...made hamburgers and french fries for lunch....usually don't make 3 meals...but already had ribs in the crockpot for supper. By the time I got the stuff cleaned up from lunch and made Noah some was like 4:00 p.m. Started supper around 6:00 but we only had ribs and a salad. It was all really good though. Some choc. pudding for dessert.

Had a weird dream this morning. I was at some event with all these other people....cannot remember now who they all were....but it seems people I used to work with....etc. Got some award or something along with everyone else there...and then it switches to me, Mom and Grandma. We were all together doing something...and at the end it was like we had gone to a beach swimming or something..and then had to change back into our clothes to go home....and we were all talking about our legs needing leg hair in the dream was like 3 inches LONG..hahahaha....I told them I could BRAID it.....they laughed...we got dressed and left. I woke up. ODD....weird...not sure what any of that might mean....I guess nothing..hahahaaha.

Noah was so NOT listening last night because he was tired. Trying to get him to GIVE in to going to sleep when he is that tired is never easy. Finally got him to bed around 8:30 but he still fought it. I finally got tired. I had planned on getting up to watch a movie...never made it back up. I slept...Keith came in to bed around midnight or back was hurting so I came out here..should have stayed up and worked then...but I decided to sleep out here on the sofa for a bit. Now am getting up but now am tired. Feel worse than I did before. OH WELL....

AND SO MOTHER'S DAY begins...hahaha. I really would only like a nice quiet day I think. I don't feel like going out anywhere....especially today as everyplace would be swamped with people. Says it is 24 degrees here now. I may light a fire in the fireplace soon.