Sunday, August 01, 2004

Well...Noah I think caught what I had. He had cramps and diarrhea yesterday and even ended up vomiting. SO much fun for the poor guy. We were out checking out model homes and he had several spells....and had to keep going to the bathroom. That is where he finally ended up getting sick and pooping at the same time. Needless to say we went straight home after that and cleaned him up. Today he has stuck to toast and crackers but acted much better.

We were NOT going to go to church this morning but when Noah realized today was church day (Sunday) and we were not going he about had a fit. Keith slept till almost 9:00 a.m. I slept till about 8:30 a.m. and man is this a boring entry or WHAT!!!!??????????????

We ended up going to church. I felt really bad. I mean I could not even give GOD an HOUR of my day? we all got ready like in 10 minutes and went to church. Straight home afterwards. Noah got a bath today and I washed his hair. I then got a shower. I have to run into work tonight. I put that off all week.

I made a few phone calls. Not much else happening. I have a lot of Christmas presents and I need to start wrapping them. I then need to start sending the boxes to Ohio to mom and dad's house if they have room to store them. I am about out of space here.

SO much to do and so little time. I sometimes just get overwhelmed and feel like to heck with everything. I think I have LIVED in that mode for a long time now.

Well..I am off. A show called The 4400 comes on in an hour we have been watching. Kind of weird...but different and so far interesting. We are not sure where they are going. BUT in the bigger spectrum of things nothing like these little things we do or watch on television are really important anyway are they?

Now in church some of the teenagers I felt were not being too appropriate. I mean these are supposed to be Christian teens and they were whooping and hollering and spanking each others butts and acting terrible we felt INSIDE the sanctuary!! I always try to think and ask myself "What would Jesus do?" or how would HE feel or what would HE say....I don't think he would approve of how they were acting. Course He also would not have approved of my sorry butt and wanting to stay home today cause Noah had been sick (BUT was better today) and I had a headache and felt crappy...and just felt I could not give an hour of my time up for HIM? Yeah...see the point? Who am I to call the kettle black? BUT there is still such as thing as APPROPRIATE behavior inside a church.

Well..Noah is swinging his golf club inside the house. I better see if he will play on the computer for awhile.