Monday, July 26, 2010

MY VINTAGE Summer Vacation Swap package arrived today!

I was so excited to come home from an errand to find this GIANT box waiting outside my door for me! It was filled with wonderful goodies inside. A great travel bag....lap blanket, books to guide me on my journeys, postcards/mugs/glasses, picture frame, jewelry box, bookmark, coaster, compass, so many things! My swap partner and I sort of had the same idea which I found interesting. She included lots of hand written notes to me...telling me she was sending me on a trip to New York. SO on the way she had me picking up different souvenirs...which were all items she then tucked away to me in my package! What a great idea!

She also included some candies from my childhood summers....the wax coke bottles was definitely one I remember along with the rock candy!

I got a glow in the dark puzzle of New York, coaster from New York...and New York mug....a mug from Philadelphia...a glass from Wright Patterson Air Force Base Museum....and just so much!

THANKS SO MUCH JULIE! I really like all the thought that went into this swap package!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

MY WIZARD OF OZ overnight bag redo my sister made for me!

I have always loved the Wizard of Oz. On my birthday this year I was stunned when I received this as part of the gifts my sister Becky gave to me. She took an antique overnight bag and transformed the INSIDE to all about the Wizard of OZ! I have to say when I opened it it took my breath away. It was gorgeous and easily transports me to a magical place! The photos do not do it justice. Inside is a yellow brick road, POPPIES, magical things! There are apple trees and apples, a witches broom and bucket of water that melted her. Flying monkeys...the works. She did an amazing job!

revamped antique luggage TWILIGHT style...

My youngest sister LOVES Edward from the TWILIGHT series....and she wanted me to make her an antique luggage redo with an EDWARD/TWILIGHT theme....well then she saw NEW MOON and realized she also loves JACOB. I decided to make the outside of the luggage all about Edward...and then to surprise her...make the entire inside all about Jacob! I filled it with a few presents when I finished it. This time I added some trinkets and embellishments too. I have to say I was really pleased with the end results and she loved it! She squealed when she opened it and had a hard time breathing for awhile. It was actually quite funny.

revamped overnight bag for my sister...ERIC NORTHMAN style...

My sister loves ERIC NORTHMAN from the HBO series TRUE BLOOD (as well as a few other vampires) so for her birthday I redid an antique overnight bag all with images of her favorite vampire....Eric. Needless to say I liked how it turned out and she loved it! I am really getting into doing these trunks/luggage.